Got My Load In A Neg Latino

7 August 2009 | 3 Comments

Load 2009-18

There’s a Latino who’s been hitting me up for a while. He doesn’t have any pics on BBRT so I sorta told him I wasn’t interested unless I could see pics. So apparently he searched for me on Adam4Adam until he found me. He’s got pics there and so I liked what I saw and was interested in hooking up… Once again he was really persistent in sending me messages, but he finally got what he was looking for 😉 and we hooked up last night.

I didn’t realize where he was located. I asked him if he could get here by 7 or so ’cause I really didn’t want to hookup much later. He made it sound like he’d leave soon, so I waited. He got here closer to 8 and had to take a car service to get here. On the good side, when he did show up he was pretty much exactly like his pics.

Anyway, we kissed a bit and then he went down on me and sucked my dick. I hadn’t taken a pill that day – the partial pill I took the day before was still having an effect – though the effects were waning… He got me pretty hard and like the guy the night before liked forcing my dick down his throat.

Before he did much more he asked if I was neg. I said ‘yes’, and he asked “are you sure?”, and I said ‘yeah’ (my last test was late may – so I’m about as certain as anyone will be answering that question). It’s been a long time since a bottom asked me if I was neg. Most “neg” bareback bottoms don’t really care or don’t want to think about it… I wonder what the guy would have done if I had said “probably” or “I think so” or “not sure”… Would he have left? I’m guessing he would have asked for a rubber. Then what would he have done when I had refused?

When I was nice and hard he jumped up, pulled out his camera and asked me to take pics of my dick in his ass. He wanted to have pics he could put on BBRT. Taking pics was fine with me – especially if it will help a neg bottom get more cum in his ass! Long story short at first I thought I was taking pics, but wasn’t actually taking any. Then he wanted me to take them differently. I’m not sure if his objective was to get fucked or have pics taken…

rawTOP fucking a bottom with a shaved ass

Either way I did finally get my dick inside him… He had a nice hole with one exception – he had recently shaved ass and there was stubble. Now mind you, his “smooth” ass looked great in pics, but personally I would have preferred a hairy ass that was less like sandpaper – but it was a small distraction. Honestly I’ve fucked asses that were a lot more stubbly – it wasn’t really that bad.

I fucked him bent over the bed for a bit, then pushed him onto the bed and fucked him doggy style and finally more on his belly with me at a bit of an angle and then with me lined up with him.

Of course, he had to interrupt things for more pics, but then we got back into it. At one point he asked if I’d pull out and cum on his hole. I get SO tired hearing neg bottoms ask for that… I know they’re trying to avoid getting cum in their ass. So I just kept fucking him knowing I’d probably have to cum quietly so he wouldn’t squirm away from my dick as I’m about to cum.

As I got really close I had a bit of a dilemma… Usually I have to stop (or slow down drastically) and then I cum, but if I stopped he’ll pull off my dick. Just as I’m about to cum he detects things are different for me. He tries to turn around and I’m thinking to myself – fucker! he’s going to screw up my orgasm, but actually it worked really well… He turned around a bit and asked me if I just came. As he’s asking the question I hadn’t, so I say ‘no’, but right at that moment I feel myself unloading in him. So I correct my answer and say he just got my load. He didn’t seem all that bothered by having just taken my load. He might have just wanted a pic of s cummy hole – don’t really know. But if he wanted a pic of a cummy hole he should have said so – that I would have been up for 😉

The bottom line is that he was a bit of a controlling bottom and likes things his way. That doesn’t always work for the top. In this case it lead to a hookup that was OK, but not as good as it could have been. I did cum, but it was sorta anti-climatic. Afterwards, we rolled over and he had me shove a few fingers in his now cummy ass as he jacked off. When he came I licked some of it up – it was nice and tangy… 😉

He took a shower and then left. He seemed like he was in a bit of a hurry, or he was nervous or something. Not sure what was going on… He asked me to call a car service. They quoted $15 to get to his place, but then he texted me and said the driver charged him $20. Oh, and on the way down he lost the stylus for his phone in the taxi on the way here. So he spent close to $40 and lost a stylus, all for a so-so hookup. But he got his pics and wants to hookup again. Maybe next time he’ll be less nervous.