Turned A Bottom Onto A New Fetish

24 August 2009 | 1 Comment

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[I’m really behind on writing things up. I’ll try to catch up over the next couple days…]

There’s a guy who has bee hitting me up on Adam4Adam for over a year – probably closer to two years. It was mostly a scheduling thing, but I also just didn’t get a clear vibe off his pics and profile and while I thought he’d probably be a good hole, I wasn’t sure if he was someone who was worth going out of my way for…

Well, we finally hooked up Saturday afternoon and I should have gone out of my way a long time ago… 😉  Initial impressions were that he was attractive, thin, and sorta preppy. We got undressed he had a great body – better than his pics. He got down and sucked my cock briefly, then I bent him over and rimmed his smooth hairless hole. He had the type of hole that looked like it was “experienced” but well maintained, if you know what I mean. He was perfectly clean and it was fun to eat out his hole…

Then he made it clear that he was up for more than just fucking. I forget exactly how he said it, but I remember him mentioning hoods and a few other things. That wasn’t what I was expecting, so I sorta had to scramble a bit. Went over to the chest by the side of the bed where I had my “toys” (the ones that aren’t in storage). He was laying on his belly on the bed and I just pulled things out and put them on him… collar, wrist restraints (locked together with a heavy lock), ankle restraints, a spreader bar between his legs, and a spandex hood over his face.

Even though he was all hooded and bound I wanted to start with just fucking him. I haven’t used my spreader bar in a long time. The thing I like about it is that I can have the bottom’s legs up in position that is easy to manage. I can either hold the bar with one hand or if I lean forward I can control it with my shoulders. Honestly I feel like I’ve become a one trick pony lately in that I always cum with the bottom on his belly. I was surprised how good it felt using the spreader bar. I mean the guy had a great hole, but it was rubbing my dick better than it usually does when the bottom has his legs in the air. I think part of it is that I can control the height of the guy’s hole by controlling his legs.

Anyway, felt good, but finally I flipped him over, legs still spread with the spreader bar, and fucked him. Given that he had a hood on it was pretty impersonal – like he was just a piece of meat. But I like it like that. One thing I have gotten into is fucking a guy from an angle. It feels different and on some guys it feels really great. It wasn’t all that long before I blew my load up his hole.

After I came he told me he wanted to clean off my dick, which is exactly what I had in mind… Then he wanted me to use my finger to get cum out of his ass and feed it to him, but I had been thinking before he got there that my finger nails needed trimming, so I didn’t really want to try that. I felched his hole a bit and then stuck my finger in but gave up quickly – afraid I was going to rip his ass with my fingernail.

So in terms of fucking I was sorta done, but I had a hot guy in restraints ass up on my bed so I couldn’t just stop there. I went over to the toy chest and pulled out a butt plug, spit on it and shoved it up his cummy ass. I then pulled out a small rubber paddle and a small wood paddle and tried them on him. But I could tell by the way he was reacting to them that it wasn’t pleasant for him. I don’t know what made me think he’d like flogging if he didn’t like paddling, but I figured I’d try. I think part of it was just me being insistent. So I got my softest flogger (made of deer skin) and started trying to flog him.

Flogging him was a little tricky given his position on the bed. I was having a hard time with my aim. Then when I figured out the aim part the flogger started sticking to the sweat on my back, so I had to grab my t-shirt and put it back on. Then I was able to get in a groove and did pretty well with landing the flogger where it was supposed to go.

At first he was pretty quiet and didn’t really react one way or the other. Flogging is partly about endurance. The experience changes as time goes on. I kept checking in with him and he seemed to be fine with it. Then there was a point at which I could tell he was more than “fine” with it – he was actually enjoying it. I was hitting him harder and harder with the flogger and if anything his reaction became more and more positive. Finally I was hitting him about as hard as I could with that flogger so I asked him if he wanted to step up to a different flogger that might hurt more. He seemed game for it, so I started light with that one.

As I hit harder and harder he just got more and more into it. At one point he said “I’m afraid to say this, but I’m actually really loving the pain”. That’s just what I wanted to hear. I love inflicting pain (if the bottom likes it as well), so I hit him harder. 😉  That got me sorta hard, so I pulled out the butt plug to fuck him. As I did this squirt of cum flew out of his ass and landed on my fingers. Of course, I licked it off my fingers – couldn’t let it go to waste! But when I went to fuck him I wasn’t really ready to fuck, so I stopped pretty quickly and went back to flogging.

I figured if he liked getting his ass flogged he’d like getting his back flogged. So I removed the spreader bar, took some art off the wall and had him stand up and lean against the wall. But he didn’t really like having his back flogged. Said he was very anally oriented and just wanted his ass flogged, so I put him back on the bed with his ass up on the edge of the bed. It was a pretty sight seeing his puckered fuck hole exposed like that. Later he told me he liked having the butt plug in ’cause every time the flogger it the butt plug would send the force deeper in his hole. But personally I liked seeing his hole winking at me.

I could tell he was really getting into it so I was hitting pretty much as hard as I could and making the sets longer and longer. The harder I hit him and the longer it went on the more he seemed to like it. After a while though I knew that if I kept going I’d stop enjoying it, so I wound it down and laid down beside him. We talked a bit and I could tell he was hungry for more, but I was sorta at my limit, so we talked.

At one point he was telling me how his ex used to fist him all weekend long – to the point that his hole would get sore and he couldn’t take anymore at which point his boyfriend was frustrated and wanted more, so they’d have guys over and sometimes his boyfriend would get fucked  – which is one of the messages I remember getting from him last year – wanting me to come over and fuck both of them… He asked me if I was into fisting and I said I’d never gotten into it ’cause I have really big hands. He didn’t seem to think that would be a problem and said his hole is really good about guiding a top’s fist… So maybe next time I’ll get to fist someone for the first time!

That discussion got me hard and so I lifted up his legs and just started fucking him again. It went on for a little while, but then that also wound down. We talked a little more and then I sorta wrapped things up. I could tell he could have gone on and on, but my bf was out in the living room and it had gone on pretty long (for me).

Oh, and next time I think he’ll be up for me videotaping it. Should be fun!