PrEP Is A Really Horrible Idea…

26 September 2009 | 17 Comments

If you’re not familiar with PrEP you should read the article in The Daily Beast. The guy who wrote the article contacted me a couple weeks ago, but I didn’t have much of anything interesting to say other than the fact that I’m completely against it…

If you’ve never heard of PrEP here’s a little history… It comes out of the concept of PEP (Post Exposure Prophylaxis) where they give people who are exposed to HIV drugs for a month after exposure to prevent HIV from taking hold in their bodies. It’s a particular mix of the same anti-retroviral drugs (ARVs) that people with HIV take. It was proven effective in hospital workers and then they started giving it more broadly to guys who had guilt after a night of raw sex.

Well, PrEP takes that a step further and thinks if ARVs are good after exposure then maybe negative guys who are barebacking regularly should just be on ARVs all the time. It’s PRE Exposure Prophylaxis.

Let me put this bluntly – you should only take powerful drugs like ARVs when you have a serious medical problem and you have no other option. Taking highly toxic drugs when you don’t need to take them is just stupid. Think about all the side effects and the damage they can be doing to your body. Developing a resistance to ARVs before you need to be taking them is stupid as well. Don’t be stupid.

Personally I think that PrEP is a product of guilt and fear. Guilt from having unprotected sex, and fear of HIV. It’s never smart to make decisions based on guilt or fear. You need to live a life where you don’t regret your decisions. If you’re going to bareback (especially if you’re bottoming), be honest with yourself and accept the risks. Barebacking is a risk/reward situation like all of the others you encounter in your life. If you can’t deal with the risk, don’t bareback. It’s really that simple. If you’re living a life you’re ashamed of, taking loads and then regretting it the next day – then I pity you… You should be getting off on the loads that are leaking out of your ass… 😉

It’s really a choice of a long life filled with fear and shame or a somewhat shorter life where you feel good about yourself and your choices, and you make the most of every moment – including every moment of your sex life. To me it’s not even something I have to think twice about. I’d rather live to 70 and enjoy the moment than live to 85 and feel like I missed out.

I’ve heard poz guy after poz guy say that becoming poz changed them for the better. While they wish they were still negative, finding out they were poz changed their outlook on life and they get more joy out of their life now than they did when they were neg. My boyfriend who died of AIDS years ago had a note on the fridge that said “Don’t Postpone Joy”. That is how you should be living your life – whether you’re neg or poz.

For some of you a life of no regrets means a life using condoms. That’s fine if that works for you. For the rest of you – embrace the risk (don’t fear it), and understand that it’s what comes with the reward of a fulfilling sex life – find the right balance of risk and reward, go forward and don’t look back… And for god’s sake, don’t fuck up your health by taking toxic meds you don’t actually need when there’s nothing wrong with you (other than guilt).