Strike 2, x2

26 September 2009 | 2 Comments

This past Monday I was pretty horny and kept looking at the hookup sites during the day. One of the guys who works for me (porn name Brad Ramsey – he’s only done photos so far – no video) was over and I figured I’d hookup after he left for the day. I took part of a pill and the funny part was my boyfriend told me I looked flushed and asked if I were hot. I didn’t want to discuss the fact that I was planning on hooking up in front of Brad, so I just brushed off the comment.

One of the guys who was looking to hookup was the guy who had 3 tops over and then came before the tops got off. I wouldn’t have really bothered with him except for the fact that Brad told me a while back that the guy was one of his friends/fuck buds, so I figured maybe we could do a 3way… I first checked with the bottom and he seemed up for it – sorta maybe. I’ll sorta cut to the chase and say he was non-committal and seemed a bit flakey. But then I asked Brad about it and long story short he convinced the guy to come over. (By this time my bf had left for work).

The bottom arrived and for reasons I won’t go into I figured we’d hookup in the bedroom we use as an office. There’s no bed there, so I went and got a towel, poppers and lube so we could do it on the floor… Brad stripped down and I was surprised – he had a THICK cock. The two of them were totally into each other – you could tell they liked each other and had good sexual chemistry. I figured I’d concentrate on the bottom’s ass, so I rimmed him a bit.

When I was hard and he was wet I lubed up some more and started fucking him. I did notice that he jacked his cock constantly and I was worried there would be a repeat of last time where he would come before we would and that would be the end of it. But I figured Brad knew him well enough to prevent that, so I didn’t say anything.

Then we swapped and Brad fucked him. Then someone suggested he get double fucked. So I laid on my back, the bottom sat on my dick, and then Brad got behind him and pushed in. I swear the bottom was really irritating me by this point. He didn’t seem to understand the fact that if he went forward I’d pull out of his ass. I had to push back on his hips with all my might to keep my dick in him.

Meanwhile he’s jacking his dick and then he cums and wants it to stop! Brad and I looked at each other with this “you gotta be kidding” sort of expressions on our face. But that was it.

Needless to say, there won’t be a 3rd time with that bottom. I might make an exception if Brad presents the bottom with his hands tied in a way that he can’t jack off, but seriously – I’m so over fucking him. He’s literally oblivious to the fact that the top needs to enjoy the hookup as well.

So that was over and everyone left and I was looking for someone to fuck. I didn’t really feel like traveling – at least not very far. Eventually a guy wanted to hookup who I’d hooked up with a few times before. He’s an interesting case… I won’t go into that much detail but lets just say there are things about our lives that are similar to the point that I even introduced him to my bf earlier this year and then we ran into him again later. I should also mention that thanks to the fact that there’s way too much information about people online I’m pretty sure the downturn in the economy has hit him pretty hard.

So I go down to his place, but by this time I haven’t eaten enough and I’m starting to get a little headachey. On top of that I left quickly and forgot to bring my cockring. It wouldn’t have been an issue a hour or two before, but the bottom line was I wasn’t 100% “there”…

I show up and there’s basically no chit-chat, even though we now know each other on more than a sexual level. That’s fine – figured he wanted to stick to sex. I take off all but my shirt and socks and start eating out his ass. I gotta say his hole was sweet. Frankly a lot better than the other bottom from earlier that evening. I was enjoying myself, so I took my time. Eventually I was ready to fuck and I got him up on the bed and started fucking him.

The blow by blow isn’t as interesting as the fact that the whole time we were having sex he avoided looking at me – even when we were face to face and he was riding my cock. It didn’t take long to realize he just wanted to get fucked. He probably would have preferred someone random anonymous top who he’d never met and would never see again. I gave him a pretty good fuck, but he needed a lot more and a lot harder fuck than I was up for.

The room was warm and I was literally dripping with sweat. After I got his bed all wet at one point by laying on it I was a bit self-conscious and didn’t want to keep getting his bed wet with sweat. The little things I’d do that were a bit tender he never responded to. All he responded to was getting fucked and used like a hole. All in all the chemistry got to the point where it was just off, so I wrapped things up and left. For a variety of reasons I never did cum…

So yeah, it was a bit of a bummer of an evening, but that just is what it is. There’s been a lot on my mind lately. It looks like we’re going to be moving in a month – and all the decisions around that are really distracting. I’m not sure we can afford to buy what we’d really like and we’re not sure about the compromises in what we can afford. It’s a major decision and pretty complicated with no clear choices. On top of everything else, it looks like we’ll be in a rental for a while between places and I’m not looking forward to moving twice or living in a rental I don’t really like.