Embarrassing Hookup – Didn’t Remember A Hot Bottom

5 November 2009 | 3 Comments

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Well, just got done with a bit of an embarrassing hookup. A really hot bottom came over and before we started he said I’d fucked him before and for the life of me I couldn’t remember him. I did finally remember his story when we got to talking after sex, but it’s taken me a little while to figure out who he was and he was the guy I whipped really hard early this year. I mean I whipped him pretty hard and then forgot who he was. That is pretty awful, but in my defense he was hooded when I hooked up with him last time so I didn’t really have that much “face time” so to speak.

OK, so this time he hits me up on Adam4Adam and his profile says he’s “neg” and into “safe sex only”. That might have also thrown me off – his profile name last time contained “BBBottom”, had pictures of his gaping hole and him in a jockstrap with “SLUT” written on his lower back and other ones of him blindfolded and in a sling – so a VERY different profile than last time. I ask if he’s up for getting fucked raw and he said ‘no problem’. He wasn’t going to be available for a little over an hour so we set up a time for him to come and I hope that he doesn’t flake out on me.

The time sorta came and went and I was wondering if he was actually going to show up. There were other guys online who wanted to come over, but then he called and said he was a few blocks away. He shows up and we head to the bedroom. He mentions at that point that we hooked up before and indicates it was at my old place. As I mentioned for the life of me I didn’t remember him. He takes off his clothes and then he asks what I want him to do. Of course I didn’t put two and two together and had no clue he’d be up for BDSM, and I don’t go in that direction unless I know a bottom wants it. I went to kiss him and he seemed really reluctant. He wasn’t jumping to his knees so I didn’t tell him to suck my dick. Instead I turn him around and he takes the hint and bends over and I start rimming him.

While I’m rimming him I start playing with his dick – which was HUGE. I lightly jack it and it gets pretty hard and it was an easy 11 inches, if not bigger and pretty big at the base with a nice foreskin. If I had been a bottom I would have been in heaven right then… His hole tasted nice and clean. It was a little hairy and his butt was pretty muscular. His body was generally pretty lean. As I was eating out his hole I was wondering how in the hell I had forgotten him – I mean he’s totally my type.

But with a hot ass in front of me that was now well-lubed with spit I wasn’t going to let my embarrassment stop me from fucking him, so I stood up, put a little spit on the head of my dick and shoved in. His hole was wet. He either had other loads in there or he had lubed or it was just naturally that way. One way or the other it felt really wonderful. The sensations like wetness are what the guys with condoms never get to feel… This is a good case of why barebacking is just better sex.

I pushed him face down on the bed and I knew with how great his hole felt that it wouldn’t take me long to cum, but at the same time I wanted it to last, so I took it easy trying to delay my orgasm. It goes without saying I came in his hole not long later.

I wanted to keep fucking him, but my dick was pretty sensitive, so I pulled out and went down and started rimming/felching his cummy ass. Tasted VERY good! He didn’t push any out or anything like that but there was plenty of cum on his ass. Then when that was cleaned up I pushed back in and kept fucking him. That’s one of the things I like about taking pills – I can keep fucking after I cum. I took it pretty easy, but at least he got a longer fuck. Then I rolled over and kept my dick in him and slowly fucked him while we spooned.

He was a little awkward. I think it was a bit vanilla for him and he’s a bit timid when it comes to sex – liking the top to take charge. But we talked a little. He just moved pretty close to me – so hopefully we’ll hookup more in the future. When I asked what he did is when I remembered fucking him – or at least fucking a guy with a similar story.

We wrapped things up after a bit and he was on his way. I sorta wish I had remembered his details – would have been a very different fuck. But at least this time I saw more of his face – it’ll be better next time…

The other issue in all of this is his “neg, safe sex only” billing on Adam4Adam. There’s a reason why I stopped believing what people put for their HIV status. I’m not saying he’s poz, but he’s a clear case of being into a lot more than his profile would suggest – so who knows what’s true and what’s not about him?