Gay Teen Killed, Burned, Decapitated & Dismembered In Puerto Rico

16 November 2009 | 10 Comments

dead-teenOn a day when some angry fool is getting press by saying we should be mad about HIV, here’s something we should really get mad about.. An adorable, 19 y.o. gay kid (George Steven Lopez Mercado) was killed in Puerto Rico. But not just killed. He was decapitated, dismembered, partially burned, and then left by the roadside. And it doesn’t end there – the investigating officer says he deserved what he got because he was gay. God, I’d love to be in a room alone with that officer – I’d beat the crap out of him.

We’re being killed on a consistent basis. Many of the people who are getting killed are minorities and either fem or trans. The people around them just won’t accept who they are and think they’re worthy of death. Even if you’re butch and white (like me) this should bother you – deeply.

Make sure your straight (and gay) friends know about this and other killings – like Lawrence King. Even with under-reporting, the FBI says there are 4 anti-gay hate crimes each day and we’ve seen documented periods where one of us is getting killed every 8 days – and that’s just in the US – it doesn’t even start to capture what’s happening worldwide in places like Iraq.