Neg Dominican BB Bottom

10 November 2009 | 5 Comments

Load 2009-28

Not sure what it is with all the neg bottoms hitting me up, but another one hit me up on Adam4Adam the other day. They almost never discuss HIV status, they just come over, get fucked, and take a load. I’m guessing a lot of them are actually poz, but even one who did ask me about my status before we fucked pretty quickly went to taking all loads after that and not saying anything about HIV status in his profile. Frankly, I think pretty much all sexually active bareback bottoms (and versatile guys) will become poz after not too long – taking loads is a lot like pledging a fraternity, but what’s with so many poz bottoms saying they’re neg?

This guy lived nearby, so he came over. His pictures made him look a bit rough/unfriendly, and honestly he sorta matched his pics (unfortunate genetics), though when he got to talking he was a sweet guy.

I had him start by giving me a blowjob and he was definitely an experienced cocksucker. Great blowjob and he sorta whimpered as was sucking dick. He totally got off on it. Well, he did and he didn’t ’cause the whole time he was with me his dick never got hard – not even got a serious chubbie.

As he was sucking my dick I had to think non-erotic thoughts ’cause I didn’t want to cum that way or even get close. I let him suck for a while ’cause he was really enjoying it and then I put him on the bed to fuck him. It felt good fucking his hole and the whimpering and moaning continued. It was clear he absolutely LOVED bottoming, and he was just my type too – short, Latin, lean body…

It wasn’t long before I came in his ass, but I could tell he wanted more, so I just slowly fucked him. Provided I take a part of a pill before I can usually keep fucking. My dick was really sensitive, so I had to take it slow, but the pill had done it’s job and I slow fucked him for another 10 or 15 minutes.

By the end we were laying on our sides spooning with my dick slowly pumping his hole. He kept mentioning how I wasn’t anything like what he thought I’d be – that I was a lot more affectionate. I think he assumed I was just going to treat him like a piece of meat and throw him out the door after a quickie pump-and-dump. I’m perfectly OK doing that, but I could tell he wanted more. Funny that he would have been OK with an impersonal fuck.

Problem was my affection was just me being “in the moment”. There was a point when I was done and I then had to figure out how to get him out of my bed without completely ruining everything. I sat up in bed and gradually moved a bit further away from him until he suggested it was time to go.

Weird part was he went to wash up and asked for a washcloth. When I didn’t have one to give him he then wanted paper towels. I’m not sure how much cleaning up he was doing – never had anyone do such a thorough cleaning before.