Reluctant Bottom Takes My Load

5 November 2009 | 7 Comments

Load 2009-26

So a while back I fucked a submissive piss bottom – even videotaped my fucking him a couple times. Anyway, he’s neg and wants to stay neg, but at the same time he’s a submissive bottom who generally lets the tops call the shots. It’s a bit of a Catch-22 – if he’s a good sub bottom he’ll let the tops use him how they want and won’t even ask if they’re poz or neg – but he wants to stay neg. It’s like the two sides of him are in conflict. Anyway, he didn’t like some of the things I said in my write ups in the past and got a bit mad at me. So for the longest time he’d be friendly online, but wouldn’t actually hookup with me.

The other day we’re chatting and he’s telling me how he promised himself not to let me fuck him again. I could tell part of him wanted it, so I tried to reason with him. It took forever to get him to see my point, but finally I said – “sub bottoms are supposed to be more trusting. there were no permanent scars – that’s about all you should be worried about.” And it’s true – nothing bad happened. Finally he let down his guard and he was at my place a half hour later.

He asked if I wanted him to wear anything in particular, I didn’t really care. When he got here he literally reeked of dried piss. I mean there are homeless people who smell better. He headed into the bedroom and started taking off his clothes and I started thinking – there’s no fucking way he’s going to make my bed smell like that. So I had him go into the bathroom. I needed to piss anyway…

So he got naked and got into the tub and I pissed on him. It wasn’t easy – had a bit of a boner and my PA means I piss out of two holes so I don’t have much force when I piss. But he still got soaked half way decently. He was rubbing my piss all over him and the piss got him rock hard.

I’ve always seen him as a bit of a piece of meat – just something to piss on and load up with cum. So I had him get out of the tub and bend over the toilet and I just started fucking his hole. I usually cum with the bottom on his belly, but with all the craziness in my life lately it had been over a month since I’d fucked anyone. The bottom line was I was horny and had no problem getting hard or cumming (zero need for pills).

When I came it went on and on and on… It was like it just wouldn’t stop. He got a HUGE load of cum. When I pulled out he turned around and cleaned off my dick. He was feeling his hole a bit and could tell he got a big load.

At that point I was sorta done with him. He smelled too much to keep him around the apartment much longer, so I had him dress and leave. Total thing was maybe a little over 10 minutes – pretty much a pump-and-dump.

I immediately went and opened all the windows trying to get the smell of stale piss out of the apartment. Even so I smelled it for a few hours afterwards – and he hadn’t even really touched anything… Amazing.

I walked the dogs about 30-40 minutes later and saw him coming from the park near me. He had gone there hoping for more loads, but said he didn’t get any…  Let’s see – taking anonymous loads in parks and wanting to stay neg – yeah, the guy is conflicted, but that angst is part of what makes him interesting…

Another neg, “safe sex only” bottom is on his way over to get fucked raw… Gotta say they’re fun to breed…