Nice Hookup w/ The Brazilian

1 March 2010 | 8 Comments

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Well, I finally got back in the saddle tonight… I was hoping to fuck this 24 y.o. but when I had to push back the time he said he couldn’t make it ’cause he was starting to crash from partying last night. (Guys – I may sound like Barbara Bush, but keep those drugs under control…)

So then I went on the hunt for another hole to fuck. I sorta wanted a hole I hadn’t fucked before, but when I e-mailed all the ones who were prospects and none of them panned out I saw the Brazilian come back online so I e-mailed him. It’s been 6 months since we last fucked (153 days to be exact). I like fucking him, but don’t always cum with him, so I was just hoping my horniness and the fact that I took a pill would be sufficient (it was).

He came over and we undressed and he started sucking my cock. Blowjobs often don’t do anything for me and this one was no exception. There was nothing wrong with it and he was enjoying it, so it wasn’t like I wanted it to stop. It was sorta cool actually how he’d keep pushing my dick as far back as possible and getting it into his throat. But let’s just say there was no risk of me cumming from his blowjob – but again, that’s just me, not him.

I know from past experience that he doesn’t like to be rimmed, so after the blowjob we went straight to fucking. I couldn’t find the Gun Oil so I grabbed my Wet Original (BTW, Wet has promised to send me some of their old-style oil based lube as well as their new silicone based Wet Platinum, but the package hasn’t arrived yet). I put a little on but after fucking him for a few minutes his hole still felt pretty dry even though he had prelubed before coming over and I had lubed my dick. I put some more lube on and that helped a bit.

We’ve fucked so many times he sorta knows what positions I like and he was on his belly. But lately I’ve been doing this thing where I turn myself at a 45 or 60 degree angle to give more friction to my dick. I think the reason I don’t always cum with him is ’cause my usual position doesn’t feel quite as good with his hole. But after turning a bit sideways and then turning back and being lined up with him I finally felt my load boiling up.

After nearly a month of not fucking anyone it felt good to give him my load. We then laid there and spooned a bit and talked with my dick up his ass. Eventually my dick got soft and came out. I knew he had moved but had a few of the detailed mixed up. Bottom line was that he’s been single for a while now. He mentioned how he had hooked up with the hardcore piss bottom I’ve fucked a few times before. And his observation was the same as mine – arriving for a hookup reeking of stale, musky piss isn’t a good thing… He also casually mentioned that he’d gotten fucked by someone in the neighborhood I know, which surprised me ’cause I didn’t think that guy was someone he’d have fucked with in the past, but he said since he’s been single he’s getting fucked by a broader range of guys.

I was starting to get my second wind and his hole was feeling mighty nice and wet. That combined with what he told me about being less selective about who fucked him gave me a hardon, so I started fucking him again. This time his hole felt SO much better. It was wet and cummy. I almost thought I could come a second time which is extremely rare for me. But alas I had jacked off the day before and there just wasn’t a second load in me. I stopped and we talked a little more while we spooned and I kept pumping his ass with my hard cock.

He left a little while later (we both had things we had to do). All in all a really nice hookup.