An Experiment That Didn’t Go As Planned

19 April 2010 | 7 Comments

A couple months ago an 18 y.o. contacted me here on the blog. “hi, sir. i dont know if you got my message on xtube. im the 18 yo bottom from san diego who sees himself as a total cumhole but doesnt really know where to begin.” We started chatting and I thought it would be cool to sorta document his development from thinking of himself as a cumhole to actually being a full-fledged cumhole, so I set up for him – bought the domain, set up the blogging software, etc.

Well, after about a month it became clear he’s not really a cumhole, at least not to the degree I was hoping he would be. There are cumholes and there are cumholes… The kid is a cumhole to a point – after about a month of experimenting he decided he wants to be the exclusive cumhole for someone he now sees as his boyfriend. That might work if they weren’t quite so lovey dovey… It started out well with the top taking him to a bathhouse and having random guys fuck him and breed him in the steamroom and every now and then the top does something similar – recently he advertised on Craigslist and had basically whored out the bottom boy to other tops. But it’s not all that regular an occurrence. It would be one thing if it were a weekly event, but it’s not like that.

There are other ways in which the relationship with his top doesn’t quite make sense. The top told him he was neg, but never seems to check or discuss the status of the guys he has fuck him. In one of the sessions he was telling the other tops “yeah, knock him up” and then recently he wanted to flip and have the bottom fuck him. Personally I wonder whether the top is everything the bottom thinks he is. I mean seriously – do the math – IMHO something just doesn’t add up.

Meanwhile he’s going off to college at the end of summer – 3 1/2 hours away, and wants to have an exclusive, long-distance relationship with the top where he doesn’t fuck anyone else (unless the top organizes it). I remember one of my first roommates in college tried to have a long-distance relationship with his girlfriend. It ended in disaster as have most of the long-distance relationships I’ve seen.

As far as I’m concerned, when you’re young you should experiment. Then you settle down in your late 20s, early 30s… You just need to get certain things out of your system before settling down. But he doesn’t want to hear any of that. And honestly he needs to make his own mistakes – I get that…

But the bottom line is I’ve set up for someone who it turns out isn’t all that much of a cumhole. That leaves me in a bit of a quandry as to what I should do with the blog. It’s not like he’s going to update it very often and our last IM sorta ended badly – so he really has zero incentive to update it.

I really want to be written by one or more true cumholes – the type of guys who have gotten addicted to taking loads and just can’t get enough. I remember years ago on one of the bareback discussion boards there was a twink who loved taking loads so much he’d let dirty, unwashed homeless guys fuck him. He’d literally take any load – no questions asked. That’s sorta extreme, but it would also be cool if there were a bottom who loved to hang out at bathhouses, ass in the air, taking loads for hours on end… The point being there are guys who figure out the joys of being a slut at an early age and can be an inspiration to other guys their age… Now I just need to find one or more of them who want to write up posts for a blog… If you’re a teen who fits what I’m looking for (or you know of one), contact me and we’ll work something out

Too bad the first cumhole didn’t work out. When his relationship ends I wonder what will come next for him…