Pump-And-Dump With A Hot Tattooed Latino

16 May 2010 | 8 Comments

Load 2010-10

Yesterday I had just gotten up when this Latino hit me up on BarebackRT. He was fuckin’ hot – lean and muscular, scruffy with major tattoos that were really hot, a nice face, etc… In other words exactly my type. He listed himself as neg and versatile, but there was no discussion of status – he just wanted a load. He asked if I’d be into a scene where he was waiting on his bed ass up in a jockstrap and that sounded perfect to me.

I took a quick shower, jumped in the car and was there in about 45 minutes. After figuring out how to get past the guard at his door, I found his door ajar and went in. He was indeed on the bed, ass up, not looking back at me and he was pretty close to his pics – very hot. I dropped my pants, pulled his legs back to get better access to his hole and started rimming him. He seemed to like it 😉

When we went to fuck he looked back and told me to grab the lube on the floor. Problem was there wasn’t any. At this point things got a little weird and he started looking around for lube. Finally I got him back on the bed, used spit for lube and shoved in. His hole felt good.

I wanted him on his belly, but he didn’t really get the hint or understand what I wanted, so instead of making the situation awkward I just continued fucking him doggy style. Doggy style doesn’t usually get me off, but with this guy it did and all of a sudden I felt like I was about to cum. I had only been fucking him for a couple minutes – it was sorta soon to be cumming, but I’ve learned if I hold back it can be impossible to cum later, so I just unloaded in his ass.

I should mention that he knew I was cumming and sorta tried to pull forward and off my dick, but I was gripping his hips and didn’t let him pull off – and made sure he got my load. Maybe his effort to stay neg was trying not to actually take the load, but we all know that doesn’t work very well.

He got up immediately and started muttering things about not being able to find the lube. I was thinking “dude – you’ve got a cummy ass – you don’t need lube if you’re intending to get fucked again…” He was sorta completely disconnected from me and at that point I realized he had probably been up all night partying… I prefer sober bottoms, but even a disconnected hookup is fun with a guy as hot as he was.

I got dressed and left. The whole hookup probably took 10 minutes and it was still before 9am… Great way to start the day… [If anyone is into taking early morning loads – let me know – it’s my favorite time of the day to fuck…]