Thank God For Slutty Poz Bottoms…

8 July 2010 | 2 Comments

Load 2010-18

Today was a frustrating day that at least ended well…

I started looking for someone to hookup with fairly early this morning. The first three guys who said they’d come over happened to all say they were neg in their profiles. One canceled right after I gave him the directions on how to get here. Another canceled when I asked for his address. Another one said he was leaving and never showed up. And then a fourth bottom who’s status was listed as “don’t care” wouldn’t tell me when he was going to get here – he just kept saying “yeah, I’m definitely coming”.

As a result I’m the #1 most viewed profile on BarebackRT today – which is not something I really wanted to accomplish ’cause as soon as you’re on their most viewed list you start getting e-mails from all over the world. I don’t want e-mails from all over the world. I want bottoms who are local who want to get fucked. Oh well.

Anyway, FINALLY this bottom hits me up. He describes himself as “sleazy” and he doesn’t list his status (= poz). By that point I was so fucking sick of neg bottoms and their indecisiveness I was actually looking forward to a good poz bottom. I mean fucking neg hole is fuck, but getting it to show up and take the load is a pain in the ass sometimes (like today).

This guy’s pics were horribly obscure – I honestly had no clue who was going to show up at my door. Then, he was a half hour late. I was thinking he too was going to flake on me and then the buzzer rang. Thank god! What showed up a minute later at my door wasn’t at all what I was expecting, but he was still attractive so I didn’t really care. His profile said he was early 40s. I’m guessing that was 7 to 10 years off, if not more. He was this older Latino with sexy graying hair. It was sorta hot actually, but more of a short thin daddy vibe and the daddy part wasn’t what I was expecting.

We went to the bedroom, he got down on his knees pretty quickly and started sucking my dick, but I was completely soft. I’m a grower not a shower, so soft is small in my case. And for some reason blowjobs are doing next to nothing for me these days. He tried for a minute or so and I didn’t get hard at all. I stopped the blowjob, had him take off the rest of his clothes, and get on the bed on all fours. I got down and started rimming his ass.

The guy had a great hole. Let’s just say it was an “experienced” hole and he knew how to control it for maximum effect. He was pushing his a sphincter in and out to match me in my rimming. I knew it was going to be a good fuck – anyone who has that much control of his ass always is.

I rimmed him for a little bit and then grabbed for the lube. There was a big bottle of Gun Oil close to me, but nothing came out when I squeezed it. Then I remembered I really wanted to use Wet Platinum ’cause every time I’ve used it I’ve had an easy time of cumming, so I grabbed the Wet Platinum and squeezed some in my hand. Too much came out so by the time I was done my dick was really slick with lube.

I stood up behind him with him on all fours on the bed. I really just needed to fuck and unload in a hole. It had been 6 days since I last fucked anyone and I’d been good and hadn’t cum the entire time. With this fuck and the one before I’m finding it’s really easy to fuck doggy style standing up. Sometimes the hole doesn’t feel right, but lately it’s been feeling great. I just kept this steady, sorta insistent pace – pretty steady. I think some guys think it’s a little boring ’cause it’s so consistent, but it was working for me.

I could tell I was going to cum fairly quickly. I didn’t cum right away – it took a while to build, but when I came it was like last time – it was an ENORMOUS load that just kept cumming and cumming. I wish I could have been inside his ass watching it come out. It felt like I dumped a gallon of cum in him. I had been silent the whole time I was fucking him, but was groaning as I came. When I was finally done he curled his feet around my legs and tried to hold me inside him. I fucked him a little, very slowly and finally pulled out. He jumped down off the bed and cleaned off my dick.

I thought about felching him, but then didn’t really feel like it when the time came.

The thing about doggy style is that it’s a lot less intimate. When I fuck with the bottom on his belly I wind up collapsed on top of him when I’m done. With doggy I never even get on the bed. It’s much more “slam, bam, thank you ‘mam” and when you’re done I’m standing up, refreshed (since it takes a lot less effort).

I knew this bottom wouldn’t have a problem with a pump-and-dump, so I sorta just ended it there. I mentioned that he got a HUGE load, he thanked me, we got dressed and he left.  The total hookup was 15 minutes, if not less. Hell, I’ve done 7 minute pump-and-dumps before – this felt pretty close to that only we took the time to take off our clothes. My bf was a little surprised that it ended so quickly and wasn’t a bad hookup. He asked if the bottom was OK with leaving so soon and asked if the bottom had cum. I was pretty sure the bottom was fine. He got what he was looking for and left with an ass that was flooded with cum.

I’m liking not cumming between fucks. It really lets me give the bottoms much bigger loads. Gotta go put my PA back in to make sure I don’t cum tonight… 😉