Watersports At A Sports Bar

1 July 2010 | 7 Comments

OMG… I had a blast last night. I don’t think I’ve ever been that drunk in my life. It’s 10am and I still feel a bit drunk…

I had to go down to Callen-Lorde to get some blood drawn (a very hot, young, Middle Eastern bear did the blood draw). So since I was downtown I figured I’d go out drinking. I had brought a bunch of happy hour drink tokens with me that I had from before – 3 for Gym Bar and one for Boxers. Since Gym Bar was right around the corner from Callen Lorde, I started there.

While I was waiting for my boyfriend to arrive I was checking out this hot Asian guy. He was there with his boyfriend, so presumably not available, but he was fun to look at nonetheless.

When my bf got there we were trying to figure out what we were doing for the rest of the evening. My bf and I texted friends to see if they wanted to come out but no one was available. I sorta felt like just drinking a shitload of beer and getting drunk. I texted PortaUrinal to see what he was up for since I really didn’t feel like wasting my piss. He was stuck at work so unfortunately I finally had to just give in and take a whiz in the bathroom.

3 pints of Stella later we left and headed over to Boxers. I was twittering and saw SmithSeeks tweet that he’d be up for meeting and having a beer. I had no clue who he was – his Twitter avatar is just a jockstrap – but I figured, what the hell, so I told him to come over. Then when I was starting pint number 5 PortaUrinal said he was done with work and on his way over (thank god).

PortaUrinal got there first and I took him into the bathroom immediately ’cause I had to unload. I had given him a load of piss at IML a year ago but honestly didn’t remember what he looked like since he just came into a dark hotel room, got on his knees, drank my piss and left. Last time my piss was the worst he’d ever tasted (which is saying quite a bit given that he’s a dedicated piss pig), but this time I’d had enough beer that he said it tasted great. It’s weird though, when you’ve got your dick in someone’s mouth it’s hard to tell exactly how much your pissing…

Then SmithSeeks showed up. Considering I hadn’t seen a pic I really lucked out – he was this HOT, lean, tall black guy. And the best part was he got along really well with my bf – he seemed as much into him as he was into me (we’re such different types people are usually just into one or the other of us). Right after SmithSeeks got there I had to take another leak, so I found PortaUrinal and took care of business.

PortaUrinal started by sorta hanging back and just always being available. When SmithSeeks needed to take a piss he took care of him, etc. but as the night wore on it seemed like I was using going down into the basement with him over and over again, and eventually he just joined in our conversation and then would follow people to the bathroom whenever they needed to relieve themselves. He didn’t want it to end – he was getting load after load of tasty piss, so after a while he started buying beers for us to keep us at the bar and pissing down his throat.

SmithSeeks was a lot of fun too. We made out a bit and I kept feeling up his body while we sat in the smoking area and chatted. His body felt incredible (and not just because I was drunk). He liked me enough to tweet “Not a bottom, but would def think about it for @rawTOP”. I just hope if he ever gets in the mood to take dick that he gives me a shout… 🙂  Oh yeah – he’s got a nice dick too. Sucked on it a bit in the bathroom at one point.

When it was all said and done PortaUrinal got 14 loads of piss – it was a good night for him. I completely lost count of how much beer I had – I’m guessing around 8 pints. The only thing I had to eat was this little pizza that my bf and I split at Boxers, so I wound up completely wasted. But it was a fun evening..