A Hot 22 y.o. Wants To Be My Boy

1 August 2010 | 13 Comments

I’ve got a bit of an odd situation… This hot 22 y.o. jock wants to be my ‘boy’ – as in a live-in, dedicated relationship where he’s my primary fuck hole. He’s not in New York, I’ve never hooked up with him, but he’s coming to New York later this month for a few months and will probably stay here permanently…

Jock who wants to be my 'boy'Here’s the good parts…

  • He’s HOT:
    • 22 y.o.
    • Great body (see pic)
    • VERY attractive
  • He’s very submissive and wants to be owned
  • He likes daddies and bears
  • He’s be interested in puppy play
  • He’ll drink piss
  • He understands/accepts that I’ll fuck other bottoms, not just him, and that there’s a risk of STDs, etc.
  • He understands/accepts that my bf comes first and is willing to do a 3way arrangement where he’s be a boy for both of us
  • He’s bright, professional, and has a lot going for him other than his looks and submissiveness

But there are things that make me wonder…

  • He’s only ever been fucked by 4 guys, and has never had cum in his ass – I’ll be the first person to breed him
  • He’s only ever had sex (of any sort) with 20-30 guys (he seems to mostly like oral)
  • He’s never met me and has a hard time explaining why he’s into me other than I’m his type and he’s been reading my blog for years
  • I can tell he really would prefer a 1-on-1 monogamous relationship with a dom top / master – not a 3way open relationship

Bottom line, I think he’s built me up in his mind and when he really gets to know me he’ll realize I don’t match is fantasy and that will be the end of things. While a good dom top isn’t easy to find, if anyone can get exactly what he wants it’s someone like him – young, hot and focused. I honestly think he’ll realize New York is so big that there are tops who exactly match what he’s looking for and he’ll “trade up”.

Still, there’s a decent chance he’s for real and I’m not going to pass up the chance that something like this can work out. I would be totally hot to take him in full puppy gear to some place like MAL or IML or even just out to the Eagle for drinks. It would also be nice to have a hot ass to fuck and seed whenever I want. And while we don’t really have space in our apartment for a 3rd person right now, that’ll change next year when we move into our new place.

I’ve talked it over with my bf, since having a boy would be a major change in our relationship – He’s also skeptical, but like me sorta hopeful and willing to try it out.

So what do people think? Anyone have experience with a similar relationship?

UPDATE: The boy flaked on me. It’s been about a week and a half since I heard from him. He just sorta disappeared. Maybe he got cold feet. Maybe it was all a fantasy. Guess I’ll never know. Oh well. Woulda been nice, but it’s clearly not going to happen.