Repeat With The Samoan-like Guy, Then A Surprise

2 August 2010 | 9 Comments

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Last week the beefy Asian (that looks a bit like a young Samoan warrior) came over. It’s funny, I always say there are exceptions and he sorta proves the point – if you described his body in stats or words, or even showed me an accurate pic, I might not be all that interested ’cause he’s beefier/heavier than I usually go for. But I really like fucking him – it just works with him – he’s definitely the exception to the rule for me. The fact that he’s really cute and has a great hole helps a lot… πŸ˜‰

It’d been about a month since the last time I fucked him. At one point a couple weeks after we fucked he got all sensitive on me and thought just ’cause I didn’t hookup with him again right after the first time – that I didn’t like him. People really don’t understand me sometimes… So many guys think I’m not interested in them when I am interested – it’s just circumstances aren’t working out. The truth of the matter is I don’t hookup all that much (compared to some guys). I mean this is only the 35th hookup I’ve had this year… We’re about 30 weeks into the year, so that’s just over 1 hookup a week. And there are a lot of bottoms out there who are looking for loads, and I’m uptown and it’s not always easy to hookup – timing is often everything with me. And then there are the times when I’m online, but not looking. And for god’s sake, I’ve got a boyfriend – I’m not really looking for some deep, meaningful relationship. If I’m looking for anything it’s guys to go drinking with – but lately haven’t fucked any of the guys I’ve gone drinking with (though there is one I want to fuck)…

So anyway, all that got worked out and he came over last week. He saw my bf was cooking when he arrived which freaked him out a bit, but soon we were in the bedroom stripping down and getting busy. I sucked his dick for a bit, then I had him get on the bed on all fours and I ate out his ass. He’s got a nice smooth hole, and rimming a good hole always gets me totally hard. I had skipped the Viagra and taken the herbal stuff. When I’m horny to start with it works well and I’m not really liking Viagra so far. Anyway, the herbal stuff was working just fine. After eating out his hole I was nice and thick and hard.

I got up, grabbed some Wet Platinum (I know I sound like an advertisement today – but so far I’ve cum every time when using the stuff), lubed up my dick, put a little on his hole and shoved in. His hole felt good. It had been 4 days since I had cum, so I knew I would cum pretty easily. I wanted to give him a decent length fuck, so I fucked him on all fours for a little while. I knew I wasn’t going to cum that way, but then my need to cum sorta took over and I pushed him flat on his belly, got at a little angle where his hole was rubbing my cock just right and kept going. He moved around a little, but I discouraged it. I wanted him nice and still so I could concentrate on how his ass was grabbing my dick. It felt good. Needless to say, I came pretty quickly at that point. All in all the fuck hadn’t lasted all that long. I kept going – slow dicking his cummy hole, but finally pulled out.

A couple days ago I was thinking how I never look my bottoms in the eye when I’m fucking them and cumming in their asses. I gotta try that one of these days. But I also sorta like keeping the sex impersonal and treating them like a hole. Afterwards is where I get tender with the guys I fucked. We laid there and sorta caressed each other. It was so relaxing for him he actually fell asleep briefly at one point (the second guy in a row that happened with – I’m starting to wonder – lol). We talked a little, he jacked off, we had some more quiet tender moments, and then he left.

I was in the middle of doing some porn blogging when he had arrived, so when he left I went back to it. I finished up the post about the top with the 10″ dick, and then randomly picked a video from Bareback Masters to blog. I had to do a double take… The bottom in the video (Ian Cody) looked a lot like the guy I had just fucked. In the pics he was younger, thinner, lacked a tattoo, and had bleach blond hair, but there was one pic where his lips had a certain look and I just knew it was him – I’d had those lips inches from my face 15 minutes earlier.

I texted him to ask if had done porn and he more or less said yes. I sorta put my foot in my mouth saying I thought he was hotter now than he was back then which he (being a bit sensitive to start with) interpreted as I didn’t think he was very hot back then. I googled his name and found other pics of him – some were quite hot and he totally looked great with bleach blond hair. I tried to respond in a way to get my foot out of my mouth, but I don’t think he was buying it. But I really didn’t see how it mattered – I’m fucking who he is today, and I think he’s hot now.

Sorta a weird coincidence to sit down and find his pics right after fucking him… Hopefully we’ll hookup again soon…