Quickie Pump & Dump w/ A HUGE Load

1 September 2010 | 1 Comment

Load 2010-29

[There are 3 other hookups I have happened that I need to write up… But here’s the latest hookup…]

I think I just shot the biggest load I’ve ever shot up a guy’s ass…

There’s a guy I’ve seen online lately taking loads in the middle of the day. I’ve hooked up with him and his boyfriend before – boyfriend has a BIG dick and fucks hard (I saw him in action). Anyway, the bottom in the relationship has been home taking loads during the day lately. I don’t know the story I’m just imagining he’s out of work and likes to have a cummy hole for his boyfriend when his boyfriend comes home from work. I know if I were his boyfriend I’d be happy coming home to a boyfriend with a cummy hole 🙂

Anyway, there were two guys who wanted to hookup when I got online. First was the guy who I fucked, but then he didn’t respond and I didn’t know what happened. Then there was this other guy who wanted to come over, I gave him directions how to get here, he read the message and then never responded. (I hate flakes). I didn’t understand why the first guy hadn’t responded – it wasn’t like him. Then he finally responded saying he’d been in the bathroom cleaning out (an acceptable response). But then he said he had a local buddy coming over, could I come a little later. I said OK, then he got back to me a a few minutes later saying “come over”… I scarfed down lunch and headed over.

His place was a bit of a hike from my subway and it was hot out. I’m a bit sweaty when I get there. He comes down to get me and says his fuck buddy is still there – do I mind? I said no, and we head up to his place. Then he tells me he doesn’t have A/C. It was 95 degrees out, and he was on the top floor, southern exposure – with no air conditioning. Great… If he had told me that I would have told him to come to my place. I start worrying I’ll overheat. There was no way I was keeping any clothes on – it would just make the situation worse.

The other guy is in bed with boxers on. The bottom and I start stripping down and then the bottom starts sucking my dick. The other guy takes off his boxers and I see this flacid dick that is insanely thick… I can see what the bottom likes about him… The bottom switches from my dick to the huge dick and sits down to suck the guy’s dick. I was sorta hoping he’d stand up so I could rim his ass. Then the other top asks if I want to fuck him while he sucks his dick… That was s dumb question… Of course I did…

I felt his ass and it seemed cummy (or really well lubed), so I just put some spit on the end of my dick and shoved in. Now, it had been 12 days since the last time I had fucked and I think 9 days since I had cum. His hole felt good, the position I was fucking in was ‘adequate’ and I came pretty quickly. When I came I was amazed at the volume of what came out. Not that I could see it, but I could tell there was a crazy amount of cum cumming out of my cock. They were big thick powerful spurts that kept cumming and cumming… I literally flooded the guy’s ass.

This is the point at which I made a mistake. He started pulling off, but I was still milking the cum out of my cock, so held onto his ass for a few seconds. At that point I should have had him stay where he was and felched the load out of his ass. I mean it would have been a lot of cum and should have tasted really good. But he quickly cupped his hand beneath his ass and ran to the bathroom to deal with his flooded ass. Too bad.

When he came back he asked if I wanted to clean up. The implication was that it was time for me to go. When I said I was fine I started getting my clothes and putting them on. He then followed up with “if you wanna stay that’s OK too…” but I had already started going to get my clothes to put them on and honestly it was crazy hot in there… So I just put on my stuff and left.

When I was leaving his building I looked at the time – it had been about 10 minutes – including taking my clothes off and putting them back on.

Hopefully his boyfriend will enjoy the cummy hole when he gets home. Gotta seed the boyfriend sometime too (he’s a versatile top).