I’m starting to think poz bottoms are better bottoms…

22 November 2010 | 25 Comments

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Fantasy-wise it’s hot to breed neg bottoms, but honestly I’m starting to think poz bottoms are just better bottoms. A little over 2 weeks ago the neg bottom who last time asked my status after I fucked him said he wanted me to come over and fuck him again. Needless to say I wanted to complete my mission and actually get a load up his ass, so I said yes…

I show up at his place, we chat a little. I was a little earlier than he was expecting so he jumped into the shower after I got there. He seemed a little hesitant to just walk around in a towel after showering (he’s seriously inhibited), but I convinced him it was no big deal. After chatting a little more we moved into the bedroom. He sucked my dick and did a horrible job of it. He was going a million miles an hour on my dick when a nice slow, relaxed blowjob would have been so much more erotic.

I really wasn’t interested in his dick so went straight for his ass… He seemed a little shocked by my getting right to the point – I think he wanted it to be slower and more romantic or something… But he still liked being rimmed… 🙂

Eventually (after doing some kissing to get him “ready”) I lubed up and got into him. He kept wanting to change positions and when I’d start getting in a groove he’d start squirming. It was really frustrating and at one point I had to tell him to stop squirming. Not squirming seemed like a revelation to him… Later he said he wasn’t a very good bottom because in the past he’d mostly topped. But honestly if he’d topped enough he’d know what turns a top on – and he’d know that squirming is counter productive. And for god’s sake I even wonder how many blowjobs he’s gotten in the past – I mean he doesn’t even understand the basics of sucking dick.

There was one time when I felt like I was about to cum but then didn’t feel the squirt. Thing is, all of a sudden his ass felt all wet and some fluid spurted out of his hole. Then I realized that I had cum and he had finally gotten my load – but I wasn’t quite sure. I was also disappointed that I didn’t actually feel the ejaculation. Still, it made me wonder how many other bottoms I’ve cum in where I thought I hadn’t cum… Maybe my batting average is better than I think. After “cumming” I kept fucking him. But eventually my dick sorta just ran out of steam (like it would if I had cum – which reinforced the fact that I had cum).

So we laid there and chatted a little and he’d suck on my dick a little every now and then, etc. I asked him what he meant last time by “that was a first for me in many ways”. He said it was the first time he got barebacked, but he sorta alluded to the fact that it might have been the first time he got fucked. He tried to pass it off that he had been a top in the past, but I just don’t believe him. I think the guy is pretty new to gay sex. Maybe he’s sucked a few dicks or something, but that’s about all… He once again asked if I was negative, etc. I told him the truth (again) but went into as little detail as possible.

I wasn’t 100% sure I had cum, so I went back to fucking him when I got my second wind. He did better (didn’t squirm too much), but I still wouldn’t call him a good bottom. Once again I didn’t feel an ejaculation, but who knows… Maybe I gave him another load… Eventually I was done so I wrapped things up an left.

A day later I get a text message from him…

I freaked out today and got myself tested… Thank God it’s Negative.

My Dr is asking me to do this 28 day medical program which has a lot of side effects… Can I speak with U?

I responded…

It’s called PEP. Personally I don’t recommend it. But it’s up to you. I haven’t used a condom in 6 years and only used them occasionally before that. It would be crazy for me to run to the doctor in a panic every time I have sex. I’m OK with the risk I take. Only you can say what’s right for you.

Then he responded…

I appreciate your response… I was at emergency for 3 hrs… I really like you and thought that I can have this conv with you.. Hope u understand.

OMG… That is just totally fucked up… I mean he knew what I was about and he invited me back to get fucked raw and take a load, then he can’t deal with it and spends 3 hours in an emergency room?That’s just too much drama. A poz bottom would just take the load and want you to come back and give him another load.

I never got back to him so I don’t know how it all turned out. Hopefully he’ll get over his inhibitions and just enjoy sex. But I have a feeling that’s not going to happen any time soon – he’s going to have this tortured sex life until he becomes poz… Maybe then he’ll relax and enjoy getting fucked.

Thank god for poz bottoms!