Going to MAL? Rooms, The MAL Forum & @MALbareback…

9 January 2011 | 9 Comments

If you’re going to MAL, here are a few suggestions…


I thought it would be cool if I started a room block for barebackers. Yeah, I know there’s going to be barebacking going on everywhere, but I thought it would be cool if a lot of the “take all loads” bottoms were on one floor – sorta be the starting point when you’re looking for sex… Unfortunately the room block is based on my name and I’m not giving my name out here. If I know you well already, contact me and I’ll give you the details.

I will say we’re blocked into rooms on the 6th floor, so when you check in, ask to be on the 6th floor. However, the manager could override things and move us to another floor. When I check in early Friday afternoon I’ll tweet my room number. So if you’ve got a smart phone check my tweets before you check in to confirm the floor.

Post your availability in the MAL Forum on Breeding Zone

Last year I set up a forum on Breeding Zone for IML. Breeding Zone was pretty new back then and not many people posted. Well, there’s a lot more of you on Breeding Zone now so I’m hoping the MAL forum I just set up with get more activity… It’s great for cum dumps – just post your room number and the fact that you’re looking and have guys stop by. But it can also be good for tops too… And obviously, those of you who are hosting gangbangs and sex parties should post.

Any threads you start will get tweeted on @MALbareback. So it’s good to post a thread of general availability, but also post new threads when you’re literally in your room wanting guys to stop by right then. Also think about the fact that the title of your thread is what gets tweeted, so definitely put your room number in the title and if you have a Twitter account, put that too… So something like “@PortaUrinal available for piss loads in room 1234” would be a good title – then you’d go into more detail in the post.

Follow @MALbareback on Twitter

As I mentioned, everything in the MAL forum will get tweeted on @MALbareback (within 30 minutes). I’ll also retweet anything else I come across as I have a chance. So mention @MALbareback in your tweets so I see your post. I’ll monitor the #MAL hash tag, but won’t see things posted that way quite as quickly…