Little Latino Gets HUGE Load – Hallelujah!

19 July 2011 | 4 Comments

Load 2011-12

I’ve been horny for days now. I think the last time I came was Tuesday (5 days ago).

I was supposed to hookup with this hot jockish 24 y.o. on Thursday but he was coming over lunch and when I quizzed him I didn’t think he’d cleaned out properly – especially since he wanted me to wear my PA which has a knack for going deep enough to find shit. So we postponed until Saturday but there was something he said that reminded me of the guy who wad playing games with me a year ago. And true to my instinct when I texted him and emailed him on Saturday there was no response.

So Sunday I had this raging hardon and really just needed to fuck. I actually managed to double book. I had something to do in midtown and booked one fuck before then and already had plans for another fuck after. I told my bf about the first one and then he wanted to go shopping when I was done with the thing I had to do. So had to cancel on the 2nd fuck which is too bad ’cause he sent me pics of himself and he’s looking REALLY good (he’s the guy who look Samoan but isn’t).

So I hooked up with this other guy I’ve fucked before. I’ve actually hooked up with him and his bf before and was sorta hoping to tag him with his bf, but his bf wasn’t home. His bf is possibly the roughest top I’ve ever seen fuck – BIG rock hard cock that he loves driving deep and hard into the bottom to the point of almost being brutal (but not quite).

Anyway the bottom is this little Latino. I wonder if he likes to have a cummy ass for his bf or whether he gets fucked without his bf knowing.

On the way to him I pass the R.A.W. Barber Shop (how appropriate) and two doors down from him is a Pentecostal church. The door is open and I hear them singing and shouting ‘hallelujah’.

I arrive at his place and remember it’s top floor, south facing with no A/C on a hot day – generally a really bad thing for me since I overheat pretty easily. I take off all my clothes to avoid overheating and then he starts sucking my dick. I still had my PA in and he was really good at keeping it away from his teeth until I got fairly hard.

Then he rolled on his back, threw his legs in the air and I started rimming him. I got him pretty wet and went to push my PA and dick into him. He couldn’t really take the PA and asked if I wanted lube. I prefer lube so he went and returned with one of those packets you get at clinics. The lube was really thick but it did the job and I got my dick in him.

I think the PA hurt him but I just kept pushing in. Once I was all the way in he stopped complaining. He was jacking his dick but that stopped when I told him to get in his belly. I love the feel of a little guy under me and this guy is a full foot shorter than me. His hole felt good.

Knowing how brutally his bf fucks I didn’t feel any need to be gentle. I just did whatever felt good to me. I could hear the Pentecostals two doors down shouting Hallelujah! as I slammed into his ass. As I got closer I started fucking harder and harder by the time I came I was really slamming my full weight into him.

When I came my cum shot felt forceful and it went on and on for a few seconds. I mean I had been really horny and had built up a lot of cum over the previous 5 days.  It was a really huge load, which is funny ’cause the other time I fucked him he got an incredibly big load from me then too… (He’s a lucky bottom).

When I was done I pushed him onto his side and cuddled a bit with my dick in him until I started getting soft. That took a while ’cause I had taken a Cialis and was sporting a hardon that was thick and big and just wouldn’t go away. When he went to pull off I had to slow him down – the PA causes pain for me too and pulling out can be a pretty painful experience if you do it carelessly.

The funny part about this bottom is how indifferent he seems to having me fuck him. There isn’t much of a connection – I think he feels stuff – he just keeps it hidden. I always feel like I’m welcome, but that sex is just routine for him and I’m just the last in a long line of tops that fuck him. Maybe he’s tweaking or something… I’m not sure…

His boyfriend was supposed to be home an hour and a half later. Hope he discovered and enjoyed the gift I left for him in his bf’s ass  😉