Disappointing Night @ GI Joe Montreal

20 August 2011 | 11 Comments

GI Joe bathhouse Montréal

My bf and I are in Montréal this weekend. The weather is perfect, and we’re staying at a great B&B that’s in the middle of everything gay. So last night I wanted to go to a bathhouse, while my bf wanted to go dancing – so after dinner and some stripper bar bar hopping we split up.

GI Joe has been great in the past so I went there again. I had heard that there was new management, they had upped the prices, and it wasn’t as good as it was, but I didn’t want to go to the twinky one or the old troll one down the street, so I went and hoped for the best.

Even though I was there pretty much at prime time (Friday night between 11:45 and 1:30) the place was dead compared to how it used to be. There were guys there, but not as many and the guys who were there were more inhibited than I remember from before. I only saw three bottoms laying on their bellies and one of those just wanted to suck.

So starting from the beginning… I got there, took a shower, and checked the place out. They had pretty much gutted the fun playroom in the basement that had fuck-sized glory holes where guys used to back up their asses and take dick from guys they never saw. Also none of the rooms down in the basement had anyone in them. On the upper floors there was a little going on – in fact the guys there did seem to be into public sex – but it was mostly oral or after a while you realized the guys who were fucking were couples  who wanted to fuck with an audience. So there was a lot of voyeurs, but not many people engaging in anonymous fucking.

At one point a guy was sucking dick near the sling on the top floor. I was standing by jacking my dick and he finally noticed my dick (and said “nice dick”). When I felt up his ass it was well lubed. He was actually carrying a bottle of lube with him. He backed onto my dick, but it was crowded and he was standing up so it wasn’t a good position for fucking and my dick kept slipping out of his hole. Then he backed onto this other guy’s dick and they fucked a while. Then I fucked him again – this time with him bent over. It was a better fuck, but not one where I’d be able to cum, so I pulled out after a while and walked around some more.

Then I tried this beefy Asian guy who way laying on his belly (head facing the door), but he only wanted to suck dick.

Time went by and one time this BIG muscle boy came into my room, but he “had issues” and wasn’t really comfortable being there – very fidgety and finally he just left. All he was up for was a little cock sucking.

I was getting a little bored. FINALLY I saw a bottom on his belly in one of the big rooms. He wasn’t exactly “hot” but he wasn’t unattractive either. He looked like the type who spend 3 or 4 nights at the bathhouse getting fucked. I went in and positioned him so I could rim him. He was pleasantly surprised at that. Then I just pushed him forward and used him as a hole – I just needed to cum – and I did.

He cleaned off my dick when I was done and I felt the urge to piss. I asked him if he drank piss and being French I don’t think he quite understood what I meant, but he did seem to understand piss and he turned around and presented his ass to me. Wasn’t what I was expecting, but OK… So I shoved my dick in and tried to pee. It’s not easy pissing in a guy’s ass ’cause the ass can be tight and cut off the flow of piss, but I did manage to get some piss in there.

I went to the bathroom to finish pissing and there was a cup sitting in the urinal. Not sure who the piss pig was, but put a little piss in the cup and then cleaned the lube off my beard.

I laid around trying to get my second wind, but it just wasn’t happening. I walked around a bit and did see one more bottom on his belly but he was much older than me and wasn’t someone who could get me hard when my dick wasn’t totally cooperating.

So I called it a night and went back to the B&B.