<10 Minute Dark Room Pump-N-Dump

29 January 2012 | No Comments

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I woke up this morning hoping to fuck someone. I had taken a Cialis about 48 hours earlier (before fucking my nigger fuckbud“) and the Cialis was still doing it’s job. There were a few guys online but they were saying they wanted hour plus hookups or that they didn’t want to travel that far. I was willing to travel – it was Sunday morning and I knew I could find parking just about anywhere in the City.

This black guy wanted me to come to his place near Columbus Circle, so I took a shower and headed out (and got a muffin on the way there so I had some energy). Traffic was light and I got down the West Side Highway really quickly. I called him from outside his building and he buzzed me in. He left his door ajar. I went in and my eyes had a hard time adjusting. All his blinds were drawn, he just had this little, dim, neon light on. I’ve got Transitions lenses and they hadn’t adjusted to being indoors yet, so it seemed like the room was almost pitch black.

I navigated around the table in the middle of the room and found him on his bed, ass up, wearing athletic socks, tennis shoes, and one of those ass-cut-out sorta shorts (is there a proper name for those?). He gyrated his ass up and down as I took off my boots and my jeans.

I crawled up on the bed, and bent over to rim him, but he had lubed up with strawberry lube or something. It tasted awful so I quit immediately. I jacked my dick a little. When I was about 3/4 hard I shoved in. He had sorta of a big meaty ass. If I saw him in clothes I’m guessing I’d say he had an “apple bottom”.

All in all he was a pretty good fuck. His hole felt pretty good (not great, but definitely a good fuck). I just concentrated on the task at hand – dark room anonymous fucks aren’t meant to be long drawn-out events. I came fairly quickly, but didn’t feel like leaving right away. I rolled him onto his side and pumped his ass a minute or two until my dick got soft. Then I got up, dressed and left.

When I had texted him that I was on his block it was 9:50. When I got in the car and drove away I noticed it was 10:03. So given the walk time and (un)dressing at both ends of the hookup the actual sex took less than 10 minutes – which is about right for a pump-n-dump 😉