What I’ve Been Up To Lately…

3 January 2012 | 5 Comments

I know some of you have been wondering what’s going on since updates on this site pretty much stopped… Well, it’s pretty simple actually… My bf and I bought a place a couple years ago (an old crack house), and renovations have been consuming a crazy amount of our time (even with a contractor doing all the work).

Bottom line – I haven’t had much time to fuck and haven’t even had enough time to keep up with my sites. The good news is that the end is in sight. I think the contractor will be pretty much done in 4 to 6 weeks – so hopefully we’ll be moved in by the end of February and things will return to normal. I actually miss my regular work (and regular fucks). I just want life to return to normal.

Our new place has a lot more space so there’s the possibility that I can host gangbangs and small sex parties, but there are complicating factors – so we’ll see whether I can do the gangbangs or not. Even if I can’t do gangbangs I can do a lot more videotaping of my fucks – so that’ll be fun.

One really good thing is that, while I’m still uptown, after the move I’ll be a lot closer to downtown. Where I am now I’m just on the A train. But the new place is close to 6 subway lines, 4 of which are express. So I can get to the Upper West Side, Hells Kitchen and Chelsea really quickly (and my tricks from there can get to me quickly).

I have taken a little time out for fun. I’ve fucked a few guys but there are whole months that go by when I don’t fuck anyone. Two hookups in particular stand out – both were in the new place – it’s cool hooking up in a place that’s under construction. In one case this muscle guy who’s almost always a top wanted me to fuck and fist him. It was hot even though I couldn’t manage to cum with him. In another case we had the fireplace working and this other muscle guy and I had sex in front of the fire.

Shooting Porn

I’ve tried to find porn companies to shoot in our place. I love Max Sohl (TIMFuck.com), but when it comes to adventuresome locations he’s a bit of a whimp – so he passed on shooting at our place. Dark Alley (RawFuckClub.com) has a big new expensive studio which they need to justify, so they passed too…

But BK from Forbidden Funk (BlackBreeders.com) shot a scene on that weekend when the (rather anticlimactic) hurricane hit the NYC. Unfortunately, while I did get to see the guys when they were off camera, I didn’t actually get to watch them fuck. They didn’t want people showing up in the background on the video – especially white guys 🙂

The scene featured Kane Rider getting tag teamed by two hot, big-dicked, black tops. I gotta say, I sorta fell in love with Kane. He’s a total exhibitionist. I think he stripped nude even before he was asked to. At the time there were no windows in the place and they kept having to tell him to step away from the windows so neighbors wouldn’t see him. His body was really hot. He’s a little guy (my favorite) with muscles in all the right places. He’s got these really powerful legs and from certain angles he looks particularly good – curvy in a very good way. BK oils up his models before the shoot – which made Kane look even hotter.

But the best part was that Kane seemed like a really sweet guy – sorta submissive, but not a passive sort of submissive – instead he was horny and eager to fuck – which is totally my type personality-wise. The funny part with Kane was he had hit me up on Twitter a month or so before said he was a fan, but when he was doing the shoot he knew I owned the place, but didn’t realize I was rawTOP until the end when I mentioned that he had send me a DM on Twitter.

The two tops fucking Kane were Champ Robinson (the darker top in the pics below) & Wade Stone (the lighter-skinned top). They were nice enough, and they had big dicks, but they were tops, so not really all that memorable given that I’m a top who’s mostly interested in bottoms. A top has to be over-the-top hot for me to really take note of him.

Here are some pics of the action – you can see the construction in the background… Wade started out with some pretty rough fingering while Kane serviced Champ’s dick, which of course lead to fucking…

Champ and Wade open up Wade's hot ass
Two wops share Kane's hot raw ass

 Wade’s fingering was so rough just after the 12 minute mark in the video you can see Kane bleeding as Wade fucks him. It’s sorta hot to think the tops’ DNA is going to get absorbed directly into Kane’s bloodstream and his dirty blood is the lube as he gets fucked. It’s not terribly clear in the picture below, but when you watch the video you see the bottom of Wade’s dick is all red with Kane’s blood. You can also see what looks like a tear in the pic below…

bloody fuck

Moving on… Both Wade and Champ take turns on Kane’s bloody hole, then they take a breather and then they start fucking in the stairwell…

Inked Kane Rider bent over getitng his ass fucked outside
Kane Rider gets fucked in a stairwell in a construction site

 Then they took another breather. I think it was during this breather when the guys were joking around and Kane was so horny he started bending over and sucking his own dick… Then went back at it – more or less one-on-one this time. There seemed to be really great chemistry between Wade and Kane – Kane did all sorts of acrobatics to get Wade’s load. Guess Kane likes rough tops 😉  Kane even shows off how he sucks his own dick… That’s one limber fuck boy!

Kabne Rider about to sit on a big raw cock
Kane Rider does the splits over a big black cock
Kane rides a fat raw cock on the floor
Kane Rider rides a fat raw dick
Kane sucks his cock while getting fucked
Big cock shooting his load on Kanes back

 Of course, after that cum shot Wade sticks his cummy dick up Kane’s well-fucked hole. Given that Wade had Kane bleeding earlier in the shoot – Kane definitely got the full impact of the load 😉  Then when Wade was done with Kane’s hole, like a good slutty bottom boy Kane cleaned off Wade’s dick – making sure he absorbed every last drop of Wade’s dirty load.

Then Wade retired and Champ took over. Doesn’t seem Champ and Kane did much of any fucking – Kane gave Champ a blowjob and then they snowballed the load.

Kane licks up a fresh load
Kane slurping down a hot load of cum

Then Kane jacked off. Kane’s a top in some other videos – but he was just a cumhole in this video.

While Champ and Kane were fucking I learned more about Wade – seems he’s in a serious committed relationship. I got the sense he’s a pretty stable / level-headed / professional sort of guy… Seems like he’s that ideal top so many bottoms want to have for a boyfriend – and he’s got a kinky sexual side to him as well.

You can see the full scene at BlackBreeders.com – it’s titled “Hard Labor”

Best part is, it looks like they’re going to do another, full-on 4 or 5 hour gangbang at our place in a few weeks – once again featuring Kane Rider as the cum dump bottom. I’d love to felch and fuck him after he’s taken all those loads – his ass will be so silky and wonderful, but I’m not sure the circumstances will permit that – but it would be sweet if it happened.

Dick Wadd (RawAndRough.com) has also inquired about shooting at our place this coming month. Given all the piss and other fluids that go flying in their videos I wasn’t quite sure I wanted them in the house until all the floors are sealed, etc. But apparently the sex just looks messy – they actually do a great job cleaning up after themselves. So hopefully that will happen as well.

2011 – Year in Review

Needless to say last year was slow. In fact the numbers were almost the same as 2006 (the first year I started tracking all my fucks) – which is pretty sad… I only had 36 hookups – 27 of them were with guys I hadn’t fucked before. And I only gave 23 loads. One load every two weeks is not good at all… But I knew the year was going to be like that. Unfortunately 2011 was the year when other things were more important than sex. That happens sometimes.

Going Forward – 2012

I was supposed to start the year on January 1 by fucking this guy who was visiting NYC, but the timing didn’t work out. It would have been fun – he’s a young guy who’s only recently started barebacking and he’s conflicted about it – he’s actually turned on by the idea of bug chasing, but also really scared about all the risk. It would have been a lot of fun to do mind fucks on him while fucking him, but it didn’t happen…

Unfortunately I’ve got another two months of chaos before I can get back in the swing of things. I’ve got a hotel reservation for MAL that I made months ago, but it looks like I’ll have to cancel (anyone need a nice corner room?). Even if I found the time to go I’d be too tired to really enjoy it. In late March I’m going to Phoenix (Tempe) for a porn conference – I’m thinking of organizing a gangbang or two while I’m there. And I’ve made a hotel reservation for IML – but I don’t know if I want to fly or drive. Flying was sort of a disaster last time – the police were called when the TSA agent thought my sex toy was a weapon. lol  The time before that I drove, but it’s a long two day drive. It’s relaxing at first, but then it gets sort of boring – especially on the way back. If someone wanted to do the drive with me, it would make it more interesting (any volunteers?)

In terms of the sites, once the chaos is over there’s a whole bunch of stuff I want to do. I think you guys will really like the enhancements – a couple quality bareback tube sites, plus enhancements to Breeding Zone to make it easier to find and hookup with other guys.