I have a new type – masculine little guys

5 April 2012 | 4 Comments

The morning after the good gangbang I was laying in bed, horny, looking at BarebackRT. Given that I had cum about 12 hours before I wasn’t completely certain I could cum if I hooked up, but I figured ‘what the heck’… This guy hit me up. He looked like a decent anonymous pump-n-dump and he said he was up for coming over to my hotel. Right before he was supposed to leave he asked if he could bring a buddy (who turned out to be his boyfriend). He said I could fuck both of them. I wasn’t sure I was I was up for a 3way, but the guy looked hot enough, so I said yes.

When they got there the boyfriend was totally my type – quite short, lean build, great ass, slightly hairy, bald with a goatee – very masculine despite being short. I like little guys, but I haven’t really ever thought of bald white guys with goatees as “my type” – but this guy totally was my type. I was actually a bit surprised by how smitten I was by him. And the feelings seemed mutual – we were both all smiles.

And that’s sorta the awkward part about 3ways – when there’s one guy who’s totally your type and another who pales in comparison. It’s not like the one who hit me up was unattractive – on his own he would have been a perfectly respectable trick. It was just given the choice I’d much rather have sex with his boyfriend.

The little guy was standing next to me and we started playing first. He sucked my dick while me and the taller guy felt each other up, etc. I fucked the little guy for a bit, while he gave his boyfriend a blowjob. Then I felt like I had to pay some attention to the taller guy… I fucked him on his back, it went well (and that’s the point – 1-on-1 with him things would have been fine), then I went back to fucking the little guy until he couldn’t seem to take it any more.

Hookups for me are a bit routine in part because I need certain things to get me off. One of those is that I need to concentrate. When the taller guy was shoving his dick in my face wanting a blowjob that was a bit too much. I can’t fuck and suck dick at the same time. I need to concentrate on fucking. And with two guys there I never could concentrate properly on the job at hand.

Plus, with cumming 12 hours before cumming wasn’t going to be easy. So when the little guy couldn’t take the fuck anymore that sorta ended things for me. We sat on the bed and jacked our dicks a bit, but then the taller guy said it was time to go and they left.

It’s too bad. The timing was bad with me cumming 12 hours before. And it could have been a respectable 1-on-1 hookup with either of them, but the stars didn’t align that morning, and so none of us came… 🙁