6 Minute Pump-N-Dump

24 July 2012 | No Comments

Load 2012-31

A few days ago I had a little time in the morning and there was a bottom down in Hell’s Kitchen looking for loads. He mentioned that he was into anonymous sex so I told him it would be hot to do a quickie pump-n-dump with the door ajar and him on all fours on the bed.

I get down there and it was an older building that had been fixed up. The door wasn’t ajar, but he had buzzed me in and we talked about an anonymous scene, so I tested the knob and the door was unlocked. I walked in and it was a really nicely done apartment. That was the living room, so I made my way to the bedroom where the blinds were drawn and there was a bottom on all fours head down, ass up.

The bed linens hadn’t been pushed back and they were light colored and quite nice. I got the sense that he didn’t do this very much and worried there would be a stain on the duvet. On top of that there were two names on the door buzzer. Worse would be if his boyfriend didn’t know about his extra-curricular behavior and asked why there was a stain on the duvet. Given how immaculate the apartment was, I wondered if the pursuit of perfection extended into their relationship and the boyfriend wanted monogamy… A stain on the duvet could turn into a huge knock down, drag out fight…

But I digress. I pulled his legs to the edge of the bed and start rimming him. I wasn’t going to take off my clothes ’cause I wanted this to be a real quickie. His ass cheeks were smooth and meaty – sorta a bit soft. His hole was great and really clean so I got into really sucking on it.

I stood up, pushed in. There was no problem getting my PA in, and no complaints from him. His hole felt really great – sorta silky and smooth. His ass was sorta soft and pillowy. It all felt really good, and I felt my orgasm building pretty quickly. Problem was the orgasm came, but nothing came out (that I could tell). So I kept fucking him. Pretty quickly I had the feeling again, but again, no cum. UGH… I was starting to wonder… Then the feeling came again and this time I felt a HUGE load shoot out of my dick.

I should mention that while I was fucking him I noticed he had put on a blindfold. Maybe he had done this before…

As soon as I pulled out, I pushed his ass cheeks apart and buried my face in there and sucked up some of the cum I just deposited. It tasted sweet. He then swung around and sucked my dick clean. Since I hadn’t taken off my clothes I just stuffed my dick back in my jeans, zipped up and left.

As I left I estimated the whole thing took 6 minutes – including being buzzed into the apartment, etc. That’s packing a lot into 6 minutes – rimming, fucking, breeding, feltching and ATM.