7 Minute Hotel Pump-N-Dump

9 July 2012 | No Comments

Load 2012-28

Last Tuesday I fucked a guy – it was the 3rd hole in 3 days. I just had a little time and a guy was in a hotel in Hell’s Kitchen looking for loads. It was hot out and no one wanted to travel. I knew I’d have a week of little if any sex, so I was trying to fit in as many fucks as possible. I jump on the subway and head down. On the way my friend texted me saying he wanted to hang out. I told him I was headed his way for a quickie – I’d let him know when I was done.

I got off the subway and the heat was rather brutal as I walked to the hotel. I texted the bottom as I got to the hotel and when I got up the room the door was ajar. I had told him I wanted an anonymous quickie pump-n-dump. The curtains were drawn and the room was fairly dark, and he was on the bed in a jockstrap on all fours. BUT he was positioned with his head towards me and he looked up as I came in. I prefer it when the bottom doesn’t look at me until at least after I’ve got my dick in them – there’s something sluttier and hotter about scenarios like that.

Anyway, the bottom was OK – not totally my type, but with an anonymous pump-n-dump you don’t need perfection and he was more than adequate for a quickie load. I wanted to be quick, so I started rimming him and jacking my dick even before I’d taken off all my clothes. Normally I wouldn’t take off my clothes for a quickie like this, but given the temperature I was hot.

I took off my shirt as I rimmed him, and then pushed my jeans down as I was lubing up my dick. I pushed him on his belly and fucked him. I didn’t try to draw it out, and came a couple minutes later. I then just got up, put my clothes on and left. Putting my clothes on seemed to take forever… I hate those awkward moments (which is why I usually leave my clothes on).

Total elapsed time was about 7 minutes in his hotel room. I could have gotten that down a bit if I had left my clothes on…

I texted my friend as I was leaving and he was a bit shocked I was done already. I realized I needed to wash up a bit since I had the smell of ass in my beard and lube between my fingers. I stopped at a bodega and paid way too much for a bottle of water – with that and a napkin I was able to sorta clean things up adequately. Even so with all the heat I was a sweaty mess as I waited for my friend at the subway station…