A Bottom Got Me To Wear A Condom

15 July 2012 | 1 Comment

Load 2012-29

I had a really bizarre hookup on Friday… I hadn’t cum in 10 days and needed to cum really badly. I thought I had to go downtown for some bureaucratic stuff I had todo, but when I looked over the papers I needed to take down they were a mess, so that changed my plans and I looked for a hole uptown. This black guy contacted me who lived in the Bronx, so I figured I’d go.

I thought, since I hadn’t cum in so long, that I’d have two loads in me, so I even scheduled a second hookup – with a guy who used to be one of the guys you saw when you logged into BBRT. I know his boyfriend who I fucked and my bf and I have hung out socially with the two of them a few times…

Anyway, I get over to the Bronx and the guy lives in a pretty run down building in a completely sketchy neighborhood. I got all these weird looks when I parked my car – like I didn’t belong there. It made me worry a bit about whether my car would get broken into, but I was horny and ignored the warning signs…

I called him when I got to his building and he came down and got me. He was shirtless, his track pants were hanging down and when he turned around anyone on the street who was looking would have seen his ass crack.

The other thing that struck me about him was that he didn’t look like his pics. There was a vague resemblance, but I think the pics were pretty old – or maybe it was just that he had a completely different haircut. Anyway, he was still hot, and I was horny, so on I went…

The building was possibly the most run down building I’ve ever hooked up in. It was a smallish house (by NYC standards) where people rent rooms. Bathrooms and kitchens were shared. When I walked in the hallway was dark – I could barely see the stairs that we went up. His room was in the attic and it was filthy and smelled a bit. I mean I’ve been in bad buildings before for hookups, but usually the guys are good fags and have at least cleaned their room in the last week or two. I won’t go into too many details, but I was rather repulsed by the whole situation – the place was filthy. But I was horny so I stayed…

Thinking back I’m not sure why I stayed given how things were. I should have just texted my friend/fuckbuddy’s boyfriend and fucked him. But hindsight it 20/20.

We both strip down (for him that just means he took off his track pants). He then goes and gets a condom. I was a bit confused – I told him I was expecting to fuck him raw. He said he was just going to use it as a cock ring… That’s the one use for a condom that I’m fine with. Thing was I already had my trusty rawhide string around my cock and balls – I didn’t really need a cockring.

He tells me to sit on this plastic & metal chair – he wanted to suck my dick. I sat down and then he fussed for a while trying to get just the right position. He had me sit on a pillow. Then he put a pillow behind me, etc. You could tell he was settling down for the long haul. He also put the condom cock ring on me at this point. I didn’t really need it, but he liked it on me, so I was fine with it. It wasn’t all that tight – it actually made a decent cock ring…

He then proceeded to suck my cock, then he’d play with my cock a bit bouncing it around in his hand. Then he’d go back to sucking it, then he’d play with it some more. I had my Prince Albert in and he wasn’t being careful about it at all. Not that he can hurt me – but there were a few times when he was wagging my dick around that the PA hit him in the mouth and I could feel it hit his teeth. You can chip your tooth that way… I was a little concerned but didn’t say anything. I pretty much just sat back and let him do his thing.

If you read this blog much you’ll know blow jobs aren’t really my thing. Often they don’t get me completely hard. Usually I’m pretty self-conscious about it and I’ll move to rimming to get hard so the bottom doesn’t think I’m not into them. I didn’t do that with this guy and he didn’t seem to mind sucking on a soft dick. Gradually it did get to half mast, and then more or less hard. One thing he did that was a little distracting was he wanted me to play with his nipples while he sucked my dick. I did it, but only half heartedly.

The other thing that came out during his cock sucking was that he literally worshiped me. It was one of the reasons why I put up with the whole grimy surroundings. You could tell he was a kid in a candy store and I was his candy. As odd as it sounds, he seemed to be treasuring every moment. Given that he was clearly dirt poor, dark skinned black, and a complete worshipful sub there were overtones of slavery. I could envision some white slave owner going to the shack of one of his field slaves and having the boy worship his dick and then fuck him… I didn’t “go there” with him – not sure if he’d see the situation the same way I did, but the thought kept going through my head.

The guy was also a bit hyper – sort of too eager to please. When we finally got to rimming and fucking he kept suggesting different positions. But to his credit he did finally just quiet down and bury his head in his pillow once he knew I was in a groove.

When it came to fucking I tried to push in with my PA, but he had warned me he was tight and it was no joke. His ass was a bit like a vice, so the PA had to come out. When I did finally get into him it hurt him and he wanted me to pull out, but I just held it in and told him to get used to it. I knew 15 seconds later he’d be fine and indeed he was.

Given that I had a 10 day load in me it only took 2-3 minutes of fucking before I blew my load – and that was with me trying to stretch it out a bit. When I came my dick felt like a garden hose and I could feel this big thick stream of cum jetting out of my dick – and it just kept going for a while. He got a BIG load…  🙂  After I came he wanted me to lay on top of him.

When I pulled out I had him clean off my dick. Then he wanted to go back to sucking my dick. I had to have him go slow – after I cum my dick is really sensitive. And my dick started deflating pretty quickly, but he just kept sucking my soft cock – he really didn’t seem to mind it being soft at all. After a while he put me back on the chair and I just sat there while he worked my dick. He did keep wanting me to play with his nipples and by now that was getting a bit irritating. I sorta just wanted to go. I mean I had blown my load, and I was past the wind down period.

Finally when I thought I had been polite enough I said I needed to go. I started getting dressed and he kept trying to suck my dick while I was getting dressed. Then he offered to get me a glass of water and he ran downstairs (into the common area of the building) stark naked. I wasn’t quite sure where he was so I went downstairs – I wanted to say goodbye and leave.

Then he wanted to walk me out or something so he ran upstairs and put on a different pair of track pants – these were pink and he threw on a t-shirt shoes some sunglasses. I have to say he looked really hot dressed like that. But then he realized I wasn’t walking to the subway, so he didn’t wind up walking me.

In hindsight, I’ll never go to his place ever again. It was just a bit too weird and disturbing for me. But I’d definitely fuck him again.