Bad Timing – 2 Guys Flake On Me

11 July 2012 | 3 Comments

The last few days have been really frustrating sexually… We’ve got a house guest staying with us – the type I don’t discuss my sex life around. The guest is staying for 7 days, and I didn’t fuck for a couple days before – so right now I’ve got an 8 day load in my balls…

Monday I came up with an excuse to get out and fuck. I was going to “go pick something up”. I arranged with this Brazilian fuck bud to stop by his place on my way. I get there, ring the bell over and over, but he didn’t answer. After 10 or 15 minutes I gave up and left. He never did explain why he flaked. He did something similar years ago, but has had a pretty good track record lately. No clue what happened with him.

[Update – the guy texted me at 5am in the morning this morning – wondering if I wanted to hookup. That pretty much means he’s gotten deep into PNP – sad. I asked him about the other day and he said he had a business call. Bullshit – if that were the case he would have gotten back to me.]

Then yesterday I “needed to go pick up something else”… So I went down to Chelsea to this guy’s place. I get there and he’s wrapping up a PNP session with a few other guys. He does this really awkward “I don’t think my friends are into you” excuse. UGH. Whatever. I just walked out. Then he texts me apologizing… Seriously? Why not just tell me to wait 10 minutes until they leave? I really hate PNP… It makes people flakes.

After that I got onto A4A Radar & BBRT Mobile. There was a guy nearby who was interested earlier – he’d read my emails and not respond. When he did finally get back to me I was home and couldn’t hookup.

Today I got online and there just weren’t many guys looking – so couldn’t arrange anything…

I feel like I’m about to burst. Assuming I don’t get any tomorrow, someone is going to get a HUGE load in their ass Friday morning… Anyone available?