Gave A Bug Chaser His 13th Load Of The Weekend

24 July 2012 | 6 Comments

Load 2012-32

[I’m behind a bit on my posts – I’m doing them in reverse order…]

A little while ago a bug chaser posted on (my forum site) that he was going to visit NYC and he was looking for loads (you gotta be logged in to see his post and the responses).

Hey guys,
Neg bottom visiting NYC looking to take some loads. I am not going to ask status so hoping a few poz guys stealth breed me in my hotel. Message me if you want hotel info closer to date.

Needless to say I had to drop a load in him… Yeah, I’m neg, but bug chasers still turn me on…

He set up a gangbang on BBRT for the night before he left. When he sent out the details he mentioned if people couldn’t make it then, that he’d be taking loads the next morning before he left. We had friends over late that afternoon and we were drinking so by the time came for the gangbang I was in no shape to fuck. I texted him and asked if 8:30 the next morning was too early – he said no problem.

When I texted him in the morning I didn’t hear anything back. Then I noticed he had a quick connect ad up on BBRT and he was logged in. I figured he didn’t get back to me ’cause he was getting fucked, so I just left and headed down. He had given the address of the hotel and the room number in the email the day before. By the time I got off the subway he had gotten back to me and as I expected, he was up for taking my load.

I get to the hotel (it was the same hotel as the bottom I fucked a few weeks ago). It’s like that hotel is becoming the gangbang hotel of Hells Kitchen. I get up to the floor and I pass another door that’s ajar – made me wonder if other guys were there having anonymous sex. His door was ajar and when I went in the room it was pitch black – there was a light on in the bathroom and the door was cracked – so I could see barely enough to know there was someone on the bed.

I was a little hot, so I stripped down. The clock next to the bed said it was 9:01 AM. He was on all fours facing away from the door. Head down and as far as I know he didn’t look back until later. I pulled his legs back so I could rim him. Unfortunately he had tons of lube on his hole. I knew he had at least one load in there – I could sorta taste it, but the taste of the lube overwhelmed everything.

As soon as I was hard (which didn’t take long), I got up and pushed my dick in. I was wearing the curved barbell in my PA and he felt it and put his hand back and tried to slow me down or push me off his hole (not sure which). I didn’t take ‘no’ for an answer – I pushed the ball on the underside of my dick up so it would go in more smoothly, but despite his hand I just kept pushing in. As soon as it was in and he was over his initial WTF? response, he was fine.

When he was down and on his belly I asked him how many loads he’d gotten that weekend. He said 12, but 4 were that morning. Even though I’m neg I wanted to play with him… All I remembered was that he had posted in the bug chaser section of Breeding Zone. Looking back at what he posted he wanted to be stealthed and not really think about what he was doing. As soon as I had a number I started fucking with his head – “Yeah, you’re a good bug chaser, boy… taking all that anonymous cum in your neg ass… How many of them were poz?” He wasn’t sure. But he started seeming a little freaked out. Here I was fucking him with a PA talking about his bug chasing and taking poz loads. He started moving around a bit – almost resisting. It didn’t last long though within a few seconds he was subdued and seemed into it.

I kept my verbal taunts up and came pretty quickly in his ass. As I got up, I spread his ass cheeks and licked up some of the cum. It tasted good.

As I was dressing I noticed the clock next to the bed said 9:05. The whole thing had taken just 4 minutes.

It took a little while to get my clothes on. During that time he rolled over, looked at me, and fingered his cummy hole.

He sent me a text later saying it was the first time he’d gotten fucked by someone with a PA. Then a day or so later he sent me a message on BBRT saying he was sorry he didn’t get my load. He hadn’t connected my text with my profile name. He was literally taking loads from anyone – which is sorta hot.

I wonder if his trip to New York was successful and he went home poz?