Gave A Cumdump His 3rd Load Of The Night

2 July 2012 | No Comments

Load 2012-27

Today’s been a weird day. There was a really stressful meeting around lunchtime and then I had a beer and sorta crashed. When I got up I looked online for someone to fuck. The stress of the meeting put me in the mood to inflict some pain, so I got on Recon. A guy hit me up there. He just wanted a simple fuck and in hindsight I should have fucked him. But my emotions were all over the place and when I got distracted with something mid-way through talking to him my sexual energy went to zero, so I bailed. He was on a tight schedule so by the time I was in the mood again he wasn’t available.

So I got on BBRT but it was one of those days when everyone is out-of-town (even though their profile says they’re 1 mile away), or they just didn’t answer. I felt like my emails were going into a void. At one point I looked at my sent emails and of the 15 on the first page only one had been read. And I was sending to guys who were “online”.

Whatever. So when the reliable Latino cumhole who I’ve been fucking for years hit me up, I went for it even though I really wanted to seed a new hole.

Within a half hour I was over at his place. On the way I picked up a pack of peanut M&Ms – which proved to be a bit of a bad idea… I got there, and he unlocked the door and assumed the position on his bed. I got undressed (thankfully he had the A/C on and it was cold). I fumbled around a bit getting my rawhide string tied around my cock for a cockring, but eventually got it in place.

When I was ready I pulled him back to the edge of the bed and started eating out his hole. He had two loads in him already and at one point he pushed out some cum. Problem was it mixed with the taste of the M&Ms – so it was like chocolate cum – very odd…

I lubed up my cock and pushed in. Learning from last time I pushed the ball (of my PA) on the underside of my dick up so it didn’t protrude and cause a problem – everything went in without a problem. He was on all fours – so I fucked him like that for a bit – it felt good, but then I pushed him down onto his belly.

OMG – on his belly with his legs together his hole was PERFECT. The two loads made everything silky smooth, and it just felt incredible. I came pretty quickly. Since I had taken a Cialis the day before I stayed hard and kept pumping him – and it still felt so good…

Then I rolled him over on his side and kept pumping in and out of his hole. He got in this weird position – like he was getting up, but stopped half way – but he just stayed there with his ass in position as I fucked him. In that position I felt him and he felt “thicker” (to use a polite term) than he had in the past. But honestly, with the sensations his hole was giving my dick – I couldn’t care less.

Eventually I pulled out, he looked down and was surprised to see my PA. “How long have you had that?” Remember – I’ve been fucking him since about 2004/2005… I told him I’d had it for years, but usually didn’t have it in. I could swear I remember him asking me to take it out in the past – I’m sure he’s seen it at some point, but he forgot. Anyway, he was surprised he had just been fucked with a PA… Maybe that will make him more receptive to it in the future.

On the way home I ran to get onto a 3 train that was just entering the station. It was the tail end of rush hour and the train was packed to the gills. As luck would have it I had to stand incredibly close to this young black guy who had his shirt open – showing off his washboard stomach. He was so hot – maybe 5’7″, 120 pounds. And next to him was this thuggy 20-something Latin guy who was a little muscle cub. He had taken off his work shirt and just had on a wife beater… Yum! And then I turned around later and there was this muscley black guy in work clothes… It was like everywhere I looked there were hot guys on that train…

Not a bad ending to a stressful day… 🙂