Sex Party Was A Waste Of $20

26 July 2012 | No Comments

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Went to a sex party last night. It started at 7pm. From (limited) experience I knew that the first hour at a sex party is pretty dead, so I didn’t rush to get there, but I got tied up with something else and didn’t get there until 8:45. The doors closed at 9. I had been there before and when there were 3 of us arriving at the same time I figured it would be busy. It wasn’t. I counted and there were just 9 guys there. It was sorta sad.

What was a little weird was the host and I had talked. In the past he knew I was rawTOP, but there was zero recognition this time. His only comment was “you’ve been here before, right?”

Anyway, this stocky Latino was eyeing me up, and even though I’m not generally into stocky guys, he was OK… We started feeling each other up. Even though I had taken a Cialis an hour and a half before, my dick wasn’t all that excited to be there. I had to spin him around and have him bend over so I could rim him. His asshole was really deep in his ass cheeks – I never was quite sure if I was hitting his hole with my tongue or not, but that got my dick hard 😉 and we were off and running. He sucked my dick a bit and then we fucked. He was a bit obsessed with lube – but it did make the fuck better.

When a spot opened up on the couch we moved over there. He bent over and I fucked him. Then he had me sit down and he rode my dick. While he was doing it he was saying stuff. At one point I could swear he said “Fuck me rawTOP”. It’s possible he recognized me. Then he turned around and rode my dick with his back to me. Then I had him get on his knees on the couch and I fucked him that way. That position was the best of all of them. The other positions felt like pretty weak fucks. I never could get the position quite right. His hole just wasn’t rubbing my cock the right way and I never did feel an orgasm coming. He asked if I was going to cum and I said not quite yet.

As soon as I pulled out of his ass this Asian who was sitting next to us started sucking on my dick (ATM). We had come in together and he was the guy there who I most wanted to fuck. I had seen him getting fucked by some black guys, but hadn’t been paying total attention. We changed to fucking pretty quickly. His hole felt great. I learned later that he had two loads in there by then. Multiple loads always make an ass fun to fuck. Anyway, before long I felt a HUGE load blasting into his guts.

The huge load worried me a bit. Last time I went to the party I blew smaller loads and managed to cum 3 times. I took a breather after cumming and stood around hoping to regain my wind for a 2nd round. This black guy wanted to suck my dick while he was fucking this white bottom. I let him for a while, but he was more concentrated on the fuck and sorta just held my dick in his mouth. Having just cum, my dick was pretty sensitive and even that was too much, so I pulled off him.

The stocky Latino wanted me to come up behind him and fuck him while he was fucking this little chub. But my dick wasn’t ready to fuck yet.

After I was ready to fuck I did briefly fuck this white guy on the futon (I think he was the one the black guy was fucking). But I just couldn’t get the position right, so I gave up.

Then stocky Latino left. He was the person I was hoping to give my second load to. No one else there was really even close to my type. I mean if my dick had been hard I could have fucked them, but it would have been an uninspired fuck.

After that my dick was just barely cooperating. I tried to fuck this other white guy. I rimmed him, but just never got hard enough. However, when I went back to rimming the Asian guy he pushed some cum out of his ass. The felching got my dick up enough to fuck. I fucked him for a bit, but my dick was more thick and spongey than hard. We fucked like that for a bit and then gave up.

At that point no one else was going to arrive. My dick wasn’t cooperating. And there wasn’t really anyone there I wanted to fuck, so I left. The Asian guy left at the same time. I should have asked for his number, but I didn’t. He clearly did like me…

So in hindsight I shouldn’t have gone. There was this black guy I fucked a while back who’d taken multiple loads that day who wanted me to fuck him again. In hindsight I could have fucked him and saved the $20. Not only that, but he would have been a fun fuck. Could have fucked him with my PA, called him nigger, restrained and gagged him, etc. Oh well… Lesson learned – I should just stick with 1-on-1s…