Any Of You Have Experience With Ball Stretchers?

4 August 2012 | 3 Comments

leather & sand ball stretcher and Prince AlbertNow that the stress of renovations is over I’m starting to relax and get back in the groove. Sex is less mechanical and I’m experimenting a bit more. I’ve got the big 0 gauge ring back in my PA, and this morning I put my old ball stretcher back on my scrotum…

I’d sorta like to have nice low-hanging balls… I got the ball stretcher YEARS ago used it a little back then and then just put it away and didn’t use it.

So I’m wondering if any of you have experience with stretching your ball sack?

For starters can the stretching be permanent or semi-permanent or do you shrink back to where you were over time?

How long does it take to stretch your balls to a point where they hang lower without the stretcher on them?

Do you have to be rather extreme with the stretching (parachute stretchers with heavy weights), or will a ball stretcher like the one in the pic do the trick over time?

Actually, when I get my sling set up I should get a parachute ball stretcher and fuck with weights on my balls… Standing and fucking a guy in a sling would be perfect for that sort of stretcher.

Actually there’s a funny story about that ball stretcher… I took it on vacation with me to Puerto Rico years ago. When I was coming back they saw it as a suspicious dark spot when they XRay’d my bag. A rather cute Puerto Rican agent dug around, found it, and examined it carefully. When he couldn’t figure it out he asked what was inside it. I said “sand”. He examined it a bit more, and finally said “What’s it for?” I smiled and said “You don’t want to know”. He put it down faster than a hot potato and told me to have a nice trip.

So if any of you have advice on ball stretching, please put it as a comment below. It’ll be much appreciated.

One last thing – think Abercrombie might have an ad like that (notice that my boxers are Abercrombie)… They do push the envelope… Would be cool if they’d push it that far… 😉