If You Like Me As A Bear, You May Be Disappointed…

26 August 2012 | 13 Comments

I’ve been slowly losing weight this year. I maxed out around 253 lbs – a weight which I hit and held a number of times before going down. But more typically my weight would fluctuate around 248 – stayed around that weight for a probably a couple years.

If you read this you’ll know I’m not really into bears, which means I didn’t really like my own body. And honestly, I remember what it used to be like to have a thin body with some muscle definition. That pic is way old, but I was in even better shape in 1997 when went from 236 down to about 180. You just feel more alive when you’re thin. You’re not carrying around so much.

I mean I like to fuck bottoms when they’re on their bellies, but one of the reasons why I cum so quickly (or don’t come at all) is because it’s an incredible amount of work to support 200+ pounds in the air above the bottom while you fuck. That wears me out pretty quickly. I’ll just be a better top if I’m thinner.

Well, I didn’t think much of it, but for some reason my body decided early this year to start loosing weight. I won’t even claim credit for it, and at first I didn’t think much of it. But instead of hovering around 248, I was hovering a few pounds lower, then another few pounds lower. I always figured it would just go back up – but it didn’t. I didn’t really change much of anything in my diet or anything – other than I wasn’t eating because I was bored or nervous – which I used to do a lot.

When I got into the 230s I started taking the weight loss seriously and I’d consciously eat less to the point of being hungry at times. Every now an then I’d hit 229, but I was finally hovering/plateauing around 231. A week ago I got a couple 229 readings, so I knew I was entering the 220s.

Then I got sick with viral gastroenteritis – ran a high fever for a few days, couldn’t think about eating much of anything ’cause I had diarrhea that even Immodium couldn’t control sometimes. I’m on day #6 of that and slowly returning to the land of the living.

My weight the last few days has been in 225 or below. Today it was actually 221.4. I know a lot of that is water weight and may come back, but I’m guessing with all the fever and not eating much I probably lost an honest 2 pounds this week since you need a 3500 calorie deficit to loose a pound of fat – and when you do the math you just can’t physically loose 8 pounds of fat in a week (unless you do liposuction).

My goal is to loose 60-75 pounds. So far I’ve lost about 25 of that – so I’m well on my way. If you liked me as a bear, I’m sorry to disappoint, but in future videos I’m going to be getting thinner and thinner (insh’Allah).

If you’re wondering what I’ll look like when I’m thinner… Here are some body shots of me from +/- 10 years ago when I was around 190 – I think I can get to something pretty close to this…

on a boat naked with a hardon

sail naked 2001

cock & body

So there you have it – what I’m shooting for… Let’s say I regain the water weight and go up to 227 at some point this week. That means about 35 pounds to go. At 3-4 pounds a month – so hopefully I’ll be there early next summer. It’s a long process, but the end result is a hell of a lot better than the fat slob I had let myself become. I know some of you liked that fat slob – apologies… But with any luck he’ll be going away and won’t be back.