Hookup with a fuckbud from the past

10 September 2012 | 1 Comment

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Yesterday I went over to Astoria to fuck a bottom I’ve fucked a few times in the past – the guy who looks Samoan (even though he isn’t) – he’s the guy I thought was Ian Cody (though now I’m not so sure about that). Last time I fucked him was over two years ago now.

I really didn’t want to have to go to Astoria. Bridge tolls each way are nearly $5 – and that’s with the EZ Pass discount. Last time I went over there for a hookup I had a miserable time with a guy who was PNPing. (Can’t find the post right now) – it just wasn’t worth $10. But I’ve fucked this guy a few times before so I figured why not…

Actually there were a few guys I wanted to hookup with that didn’t come through. One in a Time Square hotel, another who was 18, and then a guy who’d been getting gangbanged over by Union Square. One way or another they had all fallen through. The “Samoan” guy had hit me up in the middle of trying to hookup with the other guys, and since I usually prioritize new holes, I gently blew him off. But when the others started dropping like flies, I hit the  Samoan guy up and made plans with him. $10 in tolls and a guaranteed decent fuck was better than hoping something would work out with the other guys.

Parking wasn’t easy when I got there, and when that was resolved I got to his place. He took forever to come down and open the door for me. But when he came down he was as cute as ever – and I think he’d even slimmed down a bit in the past two years. His roommate was home but didn’t look at me when I came in.

The guy is pretty sweet and we started making out – which isn’t something I regularly do, but didn’t mind it with him. We eventually got naked. He didn’t volunteer to suck my dick, in fact he never did suck my dick the entire time I was there… I just wanted his ass, and so I got him on all fours on the edge of the bed and started rimming him. Things were going well and then he started spreading his ass. That made his hole gape a little bit, which was hot visually, but what it meant was the muscles around his ass got hard. It went from rimming a fleshy soft hole to rimming a hard gaping hole. I tried to stick my tongue down his hole, but honestly, I sorta preferred it when he wasn’t pulling his ass cheeks apart. Still, I thought it was hot that he was so hungry for dick…

I started lubing up for the fuck and when I stuck a lubed finger up his ass I felt something and told him he seemed to be dirty. At the same time my finger didn’t smell, so I was a little confused. So off he went to the bathroom while I laid on his bed and jacked my dick. He came back and said everything was clean, which made me wonder what exactly I felt just inside his ass. My guess at the time was he’s got warts. They should be dealt with, but it wasn’t the time to tell a bottom he’s got a problem like that. I’ve had HPV, so it’s not like I can catch anything from him… [BTW, if you’ve never had HPV – get vaccinated. You really don’t want to experience a colorectal surgeon burning warts out of the inside of your ass. Just get the vaccine.]

So I just ignored the problem (whatever it was) and fucked him. He asked me to take some pics/video on his phone. So I took a few of his hole and then when I shoved in, but then turned off the camera and focused on fucking. His hole was nice and tight when I had him doggy style, but then I pushed him down on his belly. He had this really soft bed and he sorta sank into it when he was on his belly. I had to put a pillow under him to make things work – something I almost never do. Even then it would have been better to double up the pillow.

Finding the right position with him was a little difficult. I tried a few things and finally came to the conclusion that it felt best when his legs were together and I rode him like a log. Despite the physical positioning/chemistry being off a bit I did eventually cum.

Then I rolled him on his side and we had some quiet time with me pumping my dick in and out of his ass. Actually it went on and on… We chatted a little bit. I was able to stay in his ass for a really long time. When my dick was finally too soft to stay in he showed me a video of him getting fucked by this Hispanic guy. The Hispanic guy’s boyfriend was cameraman so it was pretty decent. That got me hard and I went back to fucking him. This time I took out my PA. I had already cum and wasn’t psyched enough to cum a second time. But he got another fuck, though it didn’t last long. Again I got him on his side and we had more quiet time with me pumping in out of his ass. I stayed in there a really long time.

He talked about going to sex clubs (seems there’s  a decent one near Astoria). He readily refers to himself as a slut, but it seems he’s a little picky about who fucks him. Though he did say he had one weekend a couple years ago where he went to Ft. Lauderdale, stayed at a gay hotel, and basically let anyone fuck him. He just left his door open and guys would come in and breed him. At night he went out to Slammers and got even more loads. Says he probably took 30 loads that weekend. Seems that was his slut period and it was about two years ago (when I was fucking him). I’m not sure why he’s so inhibited now. I’m guessing he got pozzed back then. So if he’s poz, why not be a cumdump. He clearly wants it.

The hookup went on far longer than most of my hookups. I was surprised my bf wasn’t texting me asking where I was. Finally after an hour and a half with him I said I had to leave and made my way home.