My first failure in 6 months

26 September 2012 | 2 Comments

Sunday morning I had a hookup with a guy in the neighborhood. He’s one of those “neg for neg” types who I wonder about. Probably is neg, but not sure how much longer… He made the comment before I went over that he’d been partying a bit. PNP + bareback isn’t a good formula for staying neg – especially when you’re a bottom…

But I digress. When I woke up I had morning wood so I got online not really sure whether I wanted to hookup or just stay in bed and rest. The guy hit me up and he was so close I couldn’t really say ‘no’, so 5 minutes later I was at his place. He had a duplex and he went ahead of me down the stairs. As we got to the lower level things were really dark. I could barely see where I was going and actually walked into a side table at one point.

We got to his bedroom and the blinds were drawn but there was still just enough light to see what was going on. The guy had a stocky build. Some might consider him a cub, but he definitely wasn’t a bear. That body type is hit or miss with me, but other than when I was sick, and the sex party where the guy wanted me to rubber up after I started fucking him raw, I’ve had a perfect streak of being able to cum every time for 6 months now. I had thought I was past my problems with not being able to cum every time.

But that’s not how it went. For the most part my dick cooperated to the point where I’d get hard enough to fuck – I’d say it was about 80% hard. But I just couldn’t find a position with him that rubbed my dick the right way so I’d go the extra 20% and be hard as a rock and cum. Hell, I’ve even cum when I wasn’t fully hard, but that didn’t happen with him either.

I’m not sure if we’re just not a good match physically, or if my dick just wasn’t in the mood that day, but I tried a number of times with him and couldn’t make it work. He definitely got a few decent fucks in there while I was trying (it wasn’t a complete waste of time), but the point of it all – cumming in his ass – just never happened.

Finally I just gave up and left.

Since he mentioned he’d been partying a little I asked if he’d gotten fucked by other guys. He said ‘no’. That actually worries me a little – I wonder if he’s partying by himself. Doing drugs solo is always a bad idea. Besides being a little sad, you could have a bad trip and need help and there won’t be anyone there with you to look out for you.

Afterwards I realized he lives next door to someone I know socially. I’m sure they know each other. I’m starting to wonder whether fucking people who live so close is really a good idea. Verdict’s out on that one…