Sometimes everything seems to go wrong…

10 September 2012 | No Comments

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I had one of those nights tonight that would be funny if so much didn’t go wrong…

First I had this hot young bottom who’s been texting me a fair amount wanting to get fucked. I really want to fuck him, but he lives in Brooklyn or Queens or something and it’s not terribly convenient to hookup. So today he was running errands in Manhattan so he thought he’d come over. But then he told me he hadn’t cleaned out… I really didn’t feel like dealing with that, so I said “another time”.

So I get online and there’s a guy on the Lower East Side that wants to come over. He just had to do a little cleaning out and he said he’ll be right over. Last I heard from him he was going to do a little more cleaning and then leave. I didn’t know if he actually left or not. I didn’t know if he’d show up, so I waited. After an hour and 15 min I give up.

Meanwhile there’s this hot black guy who wants to come over and isn’t far away. Great. But then as we’re confirming he also goes missing.

Then there’s this 23 year old neg guy who’s a bit new to barebacking who wants to come over. But he wants to clean out here – he doesn’t have any equipment to clean out. I’m a top, I’m not exactly set up for it either so I just blow him off…

Then there’s a guy in a hotel on Times Square who’s in from San Francisco who goes round and round. He sorta says he could host or travel, but then he starts saying “well, I just got in and have an early flight tomorrow”. What’s that have to do with anything other than you don’t want a long hookup. Bottom line he didn’t have equipment to clean out either. Again? Seriously? I was even willing to deal with that and let him clean out here. Then he said he wanted assurances he’d get fucked rough and I’d cum multiple times. That just was too much (I almost never cum more than once, and I’ll fuck however I feel like it) so I blew him off.

There were actually a few more in there. Guys who on a normal day I would have hooked up with, but as the saga was going on and on I just didn’t have the patience for.

So I tell myself I’ll hookup with the guy on the Upper West Side who I’ve been fucking for years now. He’s a dependable bottom. Not a whole lot of excitement – I’d rather try out new hole, but at this point dependable was looking good. He said he had three loads in him. Then on the way over he said the first top probably didn’t cum – still 2 loads should be better than none.

I get over there and I’m rimming him and he goes to push out some of the cum in his ass and it’s dirty and I get some in my mouth. YUCK! I run to the bathroom and wash my mouth out as best I could. Luckily I didn’t swallow.

I go back and barely get hard enough to fuck him (I wasn’t rimming him again). But then my dick gets hard and I’m able to fuck. But I can smell a little shit. That’s usually a huge turn off, but I just want to cum so I push through it. It was far from my best fuck – sorta a lame fuck actually. But I do manage to cum and give him a proper 3rd load.

The chemistry was all off, so I wound up washing off my dick, getting dressed and leaving pretty quickly.

It actually gets worse… As I was riding the subway home I realize my shirt is inside out. It was one of those shirts where they print the inside and it bleeds through to the outside to give it a faded look. So I had this bold lettering that was completely backwards. I didn’t want to be seen by someone I knew with my shirt on backwards, so when we got to 125 I waited as people left the platform and then when there weren’t too many people around I took off my shirt and put it on properly.

What a miserable evening… Oh well… Win some, lose some, right? I mean it’s just a law of averages. If you’re not having bad sex you probably aren’t having good sex either. Still, I could do without nights like tonight.