Tagged a bottom with a guy from Breeding Zone

26 September 2012 | 3 Comments

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Monday MascMountainMan hit me up on Breeding Zone saying he was going to be in town, did I want to go out for a beer? He’s someone I’d chatted with and he had seemed like a decent guy. He’s versatile, but not my type – he’s taller than me and stocky. But I figured he might want to tag a bottom with me. The black bottom from the neighborhood who I fuck pretty regularly likes white guys, so and when he’s in town he’ll come just about anytime you text him, so I set things up to haveĀ  3way with the two of them.

The black guy got here first and went into the bathroom to clean up or something. I gave him a thick spandex hood with a mouth opening and no eyes. I just wanted him to be a piece of meat that the two of us shared. I didn’t want the bottom’s personality to come into play. The visitor got here a few minutes later – while the black cumhole was still in the bathroom. It was a little awkward meeting him for the first time and jumping right into sex, but that’s exactly what we did…

I guided the black guy out of the bathroom with his hood on (he didn’t need to see who was fucking him). And the two of us stripped down. The visitor was sporting a thick boner, so he went first. He had the bottom on the edge of the bed and was fucking him pretty rough. It was actually causing the bed to slide across the room.

interracial fuck

He took a break and I took my turn. I had my big 9mm PA ring in (bigger than 0 gauge, smaller than 00). I tried to push the ring in, but it was really hard. Finally I got it in, but it was causing me a fair amount of pain since I haven’t been wearing that ring enough for my piercing to quite get used to it yet. I wasn’t comfortable with the pain, so I pulled out, took out the ring and pushed back in.

I know myself well enough that when I can cum I do. So I just fucked the bottom for a few minutes and dumped my load. I figured the other top would like using my cum for lube. I didn’t dump the load very deep – when I came I had him on his belly with his legs together so his sphincter was massaging the head of my dick. But the load didn’t spill out – so that was good…

I think I was the visitor’s type, and the bottom-du-jour just didn’t do it for him. He tried to get hard enough to fuck again, but it just wasn’t working for him. Later in the evening he told me how he gets into guys with beards, and I think he mentioned that he likes guys who are a little stocky (I was drunk when he said it, so don’t remember exactly what he said – but I remember thinking, ‘So, I’m your type…’) And it sorta fit with how things were going for him in the minute.

black cocksucker

What he seemed to like most was watching the bottom suck my dick – he liked that more than having the bottom suck his dick. I think I was what turned him on (though not enough to get hard enough to fuck the bottom). And in his defense he had to get up at 3am that morning – so he was dead tired. I know I can’t perform very well when I’m tired…

Anyway, we finally wound things up with the bottom. Before he left the bottom came out to see the other top and be seen by the top. Turns out the bottom had lived in the same city as the visitor currently lives so they had a bit in common.

Then I spent the rest of the evening eating and drinking with the visitor. He was a great guy. I got totally sloshed and the visitor had even more to drink than I did, but it was fun.