A Threeway That Didn’t Go So Well

20 November 2012 | 3 Comments

So between fucking the little muscular Latino those two times there were two weeks when I either couldn’t have sex or just wasn’t really in the mood to have sex. NYC got hit with  hurricane and we had a bunch of people from “SoPo” (South of Power) staying with us. Between that and the subways not running most of that time, hooking up was pretty much impossible. Then there was a week where I didn’t really feel like fucking.

Anyway, about a week ago I did a hookup. First one guy wanted to come over – someone I’ve seen online for years and thought would be a good fuck. But then this vers guy from the neighborhood wanted to come over too. The guy from the neighborhood was beefy and I wasn’t sure whether I was really in the mood for beefy… Actually, I hadn’t taken a pill of any sort, and was only sorta in the mood to hookup. But it had been 10 days since I’d fucked anyone and I felt like that was too long and I should fuck someone. Long story short I told both of them to come over. I figured me and the beefy guy would fuck the other guy.

The beefy guy arrived first. We started playing around, and one thing lead to another and then I was rimming him, and then fucking him… He was actually a pretty good fuck – much better than I had anticipated. Then the other guy texted saying he was off the subway and close by, so I stopped fucking the beefy guy and prepared for the other guy.

The second guy wanted an anonymous scene where he was blindfolded. So I put a leather “sleeping mask” sort of thing on the door knob just inside the front door. When he rang I buzzed him in and then watched him discreetly as he put on the blindfold. When he had it on I guided him (carefully) to the bedroom.

I should mention that the blindfolded bottom didn’t exactly look like his pictures. I should have expected as much – the pics he was using were the ones he used years ago. Honestly, he just wasn’t what I was hoping for / expecting. I fucked the blindfolded bottom, the beefy guy fucked him. But the chemistry was lacking. It wound up with me wanting to fuck the beefy guy but there was another bottom laying there expecting attention. The beefy guy was having “performance issues”. I could tell from the look in his eyes he didn’t really want the blindfolded bottom there – he (also) wanted a 1-on-1 with me.

After a while I just sorta lost it and couldn’t get hard enough to fuck, and the beefy guy got the same way. We tried, but it just wasn’t working. Even with his blindfold on, the other bottom got the picture, so he took the blindfold off and we wrapped things up, got dressed and they went on their way.

As they were leaving I started feeling weird. I felt “foggy” – like I couldn’t remember everything I should be able to remember and just a little disoriented. If I focused on something (like the situation at hand), I could get through it, but I just didn’t feel “sharp” and alert – at all. There are a few possibilities… Maybe one of them gave themselves a booty bump and I ingested some of what they had up their butt. When I googled the symptoms I came up with a “Transient Ischemic Attack”. I have high blood pressure and heart-related things are an issue (long term), but that didn’t quite seem right either. Then I realized I hadn’t eaten much of anything. After eating some food I felt better an hour or two later. So who knows what the issue was – but it was a very weird and memorable ending to a not-so-great hookup.