Sweet Black Hole

20 November 2012 | 1 Comment

Load 2012-57

Despite a slow start this year (I only gave 7 loads in the first 4 months of the year), the year is ending pretty well. In the past 7 months or so I’ve been averaging 7-8 loads a month. If I can keep up that pace next year I’ll have a 90 load year – which would definitely be my best year…

Anyway, after last night’s fuck of the little Latin muscle bottom, I was still sorta horny this morning. I was having pretty bad luck finding a hole – seems Tuesday before Thanksgiving isn’t a great time to look. But finally this guy I’ve seen online for a while now said he’d come right over. The guy’s a young black guy. Seems now that I’m in Harlem I’m getting a lot of black guys to fuck – and not just Harlem guys…

Anyway he shows up and when I see him approaching on the street he looks thuggier than I was expecting – not a hardcore gangbanger or anything – more of an average thug – possibly even “homo thug” looking. He comes in, we go to the bedroom and we start stripping down. He’s got a nice body on him – not muscular – just slim & lean. We play with each other’s dicks. I took out my PA before we started and I think he was sorta facinated by it – said he’s never seen a PA in person before. In hindsight I probably should have left it in, but I took it out. It was one of those days where I hadn’t eaten much and wasn’t sure what my energy level was going to be – so I didn’t want distractions (like a PA creating complications).

He didn’t volunteer to¬† suck my dick – which is fine for me me since I can take or leave blowjobs – so I told him I wanted to rim him. He got on the edge of the bed on all fours and I started playing with his ass. His hole was pretty deep in his ass and as I rimmed it seemed like his hole kept drawing up into his body bit by bit. A minute or two in it seemed like a deeper cavity than I had first started rimming. He was clean but not squeaky clean so I wasn’t too enthusiastic in my rimming.

Meanwhile my dick was hard as a rock pretty quickly (why is it that Cialis always seems to work best the 2nd day?) so I knew I’d have no problems fucking – and at that point I realized I could have left my PA in. I get up, put some lube on my dick and on his hole and start to shove in. He asks if I have poppers – it was sort of the wrong time to ask – you don’t really want to distract your top when he’s hard and has his he head of his dick entering your ass. I wasn’t quite sure where my poppers were so I said I didn’t know where they were – if he really needed them, I’d find them but let’s just try it without them…

My dick slid right in with no obvious pain on his part. I was a little careful since I didn’t want him asking for poppers again. I wouldn’t say his hole was as good as the Latino’s the night before (very few holes are), but he had a nice ass on him that felt good to fuck. Since I had fucked the Latino barely over 12 hours before it took me a while to cum. I could tell he wanted “a connection” with me. He was on his belly and I was over him – supporting myself on my arms. When I’d go lower to kiss him on his neck he’d really respond. He kept turning his head wanting to kiss while I was fucking him.

I did finally cum before I wore myself out from fucking (my endurance isn’t what it should be), and you could tell he sorta relished getting the load pumped in him. I rolled him over and continued to pump his hole with my cock as I felt up his body. I stayed hard for a while, but finally my dick got soft and popped out of his hole. He then rolled on his belly and seemed to want me to just caress him. At one point I thought he was going to fall asleep – he seemed to really like the tenderness.

Eventually I needed to get back to work, so I told him as much and we got up and got dressed and he left.