Dark Room Hookup

30 January 2013 | No Comments

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So yesterday I initially set up plans to fuck a guy and film it, but then @PortaUrinal reminded me that we had plans to go out drinking, so I needed something simpler and faster so I could be done by the time PortaUrinal came over. So I texted one of the black cumholes who lives near me (the one who bottomed for me and MascMountainMan a while back). Of course, as soon as I made plans with him a couple other guys said they were available – and they were pretty hot too. But I stuck with the plan I had in place ’cause it was good timing for that particular night.

Usually I dim the lights in the room and draw the blinds, but last night I was a little lazy, so I just kept lights off and the blinds open. It made for a pretty dark room.

The bottom wanted to use the bathroom when he got there, so I stripped down, laid on the bed, and started jacking my dick while I waited for him. It took a while to get fully hard – guess my mind was somewhere else or something. But by the time he came out of the bathroom I was mostly hard. I just laid there while he got between my legs and started sucking my dick. A couple minutes later when I was fully hard I asked him to sit on my dick. I can’t ever cum that way, but right in that moment I just felt like a relaxed fuck where I take it slow and easy.

He tried a few times to get my dick in his hole, but for some reason he just couldn’t get it in. That’s weird ’cause my first boyfriend taught me that the easiest way to take dick was to sit on it. Anyway, as he was trying to get my dick in his hole I felt his dick. The guy is hung like a horse, which is funny ’cause he’s 90% bottom. He’s long and beer can thick. It felt pretty incredible. It was around that moment when I really started liking being in a dark room. I’ve fucked this guy quite a few times in the past – it’s a little routine at this point, but with the room so dark he was just an anonymous body you’d find in some back room. It was hot to be able to play with his huge cock and not get distracted by the other parts of him that I know pretty well by now.

I don’t know why he couldn’t get my dick up his hole, but I finally just gave up on that idea. I got up and he got on all fours. I put some more lube on my dick and pushed in. He was pretty tight. (It’s funny – I can tell when he’s high and when he’s sober by how loose/tight his hole is. When he’s high he can take my dick with a cock sheath. When he’s sober he’s really tight). I had forgotten how good his hole can feel. I mean he always gets me to cum, but his hole was tight and was putting pressure in all sorts of directions. It was working my cock pretty much perfectly.

Despite how good it felt, I wasn’t cumming. I tried to move around a bit, but finally just took a little breather. I don’t think he’s usually so hard when he’s with me, so I asked him to jack off for me. It took him a little while, but he finally gave me what I wanted and blew a nice big load for me.

Some guys can’t get fucked after cumming, but I knew he’d take my dick even if it was difficult for him. By now I had caught my breath and was pretty horned up so it didn’t take long for me to cum with his hole working my dick so well. It had been 3 1/2 days since I had cum – so he got a nice big load.

We laid there for a little bit with my dick in his ass and then my dick got soft and came out. After a little bit I got up – I sensed the bottom wanted to stay laying there a little longer, but I had to eat a little something before PortaUrinal came over.

The only problem with a dark room is getting dressed… Had to turn the lights on for that. But all in all I really liked the anonymity of the encounter – even though I knew him there was something primal about it. Gotta turn the lights off more often. Though on the first hookup I always like to get a proper look at what I’m rimming/fucking…