An Imperfect Hookup

1 February 2013 | 1 Comment

So I hooked up today with someone who’s within walking distance. After I said ‘yes’ to him I started wondering whether it was a good idea. I hadn’t taken any type of “enhancement” pill in a couple days and I had eaten just an hour or so before. Sometime it seems like my dick gets food coma or something. Sometimes I think my blood flow is going to my digestive track rather than my cock.

Anyway, he comes over and we get down to business. I eat out his ass. It’s a bit hairy, but not too much so. Actually here’s  a pic… (He wanted me to take pics/videos…)

A slightly hairy hole that's been rimmed

His hole was a nice hole to rim. But unfortunately my dick wasn’t really cooperating. I got up and tried to take a video of sticking my dick into his ass, but I just wasn’t hard enough. I took out my PA and started over rimming him and then fucking him.

I did finally get in him, and gave him an “OK” fuck I guess. Then it would sort of peter out, and I’d stop and rim him some more. Then I’d fuck him again, etc. That repeated several times… I did a few quick videos and I put one of them up on my tube site (click to see it)… The video is just taken with my iPhone, and while I’ve lost 30 pounds, my gut keeps getting in the way of the camera – lol… [I need to lose more weight…]

As you can see, I’m hard enough to fuck, but not fully hard. It just wasn’t my day… Finally I just told him I didn’t think I could cum and he started jacking off while sucking on my dick. When he came I scooped up some of his cum with my fingers and fingered my ass with it. While I have almost zero interest in getting fucked, having a little bit of some stranger’s cum in my ass was sorta hot. That got me a bit boned, so I went back to fucking him…

Fucking, but not totally hard

But that fuck was just a repeat of the others… I was hoping for better results, but finally just gave up.

I owe the guy a load… He was a decent fuck, and within walking distance… But I was just having a bad day…