Fucked 8 Guys…

6 March 2013 | 2 Comments

Load 2013-12

My bf was out of town this past weekend so I figure I’d use the opportunity to slut around a little. I went to a sex party over in Queens that a fuckbuddy had told me about. I wouldn’t say it was over the top great, but it was definitely fun.

It was sort of a weird place – had vestiges of being an office, but there were beds scattered here and there and some booths were built into some of the rooms – some with glory holes. I kept my boots on and I was sorta glad I did – ’cause god knows what was all over the floors and there were times when I’d go into the dark area thinking I could see what was right in front of me and then bump into someone. I probably stepped on a few guys feet in the process and was sorta glad my boots protected me when other guys “returned the favor”.

When I got there I found a bed in the dark room with three guys ass up on it. It took me a while to feel around and figure out what was up. I fucked each of them and I’m pretty sure the third guy got me to blow my load – at least my dick acted like it had cum the rest of the night. It never got quite as hard, etc. But I did manage to fuck 5 more guys (some more than once).

One guy in particular was sorta weird – this hot little black guy (or dark skinned blatino – not sure which). Anyway, when I rimmed him there was a weird taste to his ass and the lube on my beard and lips felt weird. I think he might have had desensitizing cream on or something. I realize why he may want desensitizing cream, but it’s not very good for the tops. He was really hot – so fucked him anyway and then I tried to rinse the shit off my face and dick.

The only real problem with the place is that bottoms guard their place on that bed in the dark room. It’s really quite stupid. They’re not having sex and some poor bottom can’t get fucked properly ’cause he doesn’t have a spot on the bed. There were bottoms I’d encounter who were just bent over in the middle of the room – but that’s not a great position for the bottom or the top. They really should make a rule that if you’re not getting fucked you need to get off the bed. If I could have fucked more guys on the bed I probably could have cum more. Oh well. (They should add another bed or two in there). Still, it was a lot of fun.

I wanted to do more over the weekend but came down with a bad head cold. Just my luck. I’ll have another weekend to myself in a few weeks. So hopefully I can do a lot more then.