Videotaped A Fuck With A Neg Sub Bottom

28 June 2013 | 1 Comment

Load 2013-25

There’s a sub bottom who’s been hitting me up for a while now. Finally yesterday things worked out and we were able to fuck. What put a smile on my face was he asked if I was going to videotape it. I figured “what the hell… I really should be videotaping more of my fucks”, so I said yes and got things ready.

He had hit me up via text, so I hadn’t gotten a chance to study his profile before he got here. All I remembered was that he was really sub and he’d be up for S/M. He did mention that he wanted to be hooded for the video, so I got out a hood for him and for me as well as puppy mitts for him.

I put a hood him while he was stripping down and then put mine on and turned on the camera. He started by sniffing my pits, and licking me a bit. I had sweat when I did a little tanning before he got there, so I was probably a bit musky – but in a good way (I think). He seemed to get into it.

My intention was to lay back and let him suck me and get me hard, etc. I had gone out to jockstrap night at the Eagle the night before and was still a bit hung over. I really wasn’t sure how I was going to perform. But when I told him to get on the bed he got on all fours with his ass up. That always gets me going, so instead of him sucking on my dick, I sucked on his hole.

Rimming a sub bottom

And of course once I had his hole lubed up with spit the next logical thing was fucking him. I was just shooting with natural daylight so I had to reposition a bit. And I probably should have used some lube, but I just went with spit. There were all these things I wasn’t doing as planned, but it felt right in the moment.

Fucking a sub bottom

One thing I did know was that he was neg as of a test a couple months ago. So I was pretty verbal with him about raw fucking his neg hole. At one point I even said “You want my dirty load up your neg hole boy?” And he came back with “Yes SIR” – like a good sub should always answer. Even though I’m neg it’s always hot breeding neg guys. I love the risk they take getting fucked raw. (But more on him being neg in a bit…)

Even though I’ve been wearing my big Prince Albert lately I took it out to fuck. Guys were tugging on it all night at the Eagle the night before and it was rather sore. And as it turned out it was good I did take it out. Typical for me I came pretty quickly and he got a HUGE 5 or 6 day load. But then when I pulled out I figured out he was dirty. UGH! For being dirty it wasn’t too bad – didn’t get on the sheets or anything. But just imagine if I had been wearing my PA – it would have been covered in shit right then. To complicate matters I had to get the puppy mitts and hood off him while standing there with shit on my dick. Needless to say I did it as quickly as possible.

Don’t get me wrong – “shit happens” – I wasn’t upset with him or anything. It was just a complication. We went to the bathroom and I washed off my dick and gave him a portable douching bulb which he used to clean out some more. Meanwhile I went back to the bed, laid down and jacked my dick a bit.

When he came back I hooded us again, turned the camera back on and we got back down to business. While it was a bit backwards it was at this point we did some foreplay. (Is it still foreplay if it happens after you cum?) He sucked my dick a bit, and licked my pits, etc. As he was licking my pits his cock was rock hard and pushing at my hole. He wasn’t getting in my hole, but he did manage to make it clear that, if SIR wanted to get fucked, it was an option.

Then I moved him around into a 69 position to rim him. Usually guys suck on my dick in this position – and he did a little, but what we was mostly interested in was rimming my ass…

Reciprocal rimming

For a sub bottom he had a rather big top streak in him 😉

After a while I got a bit of a second wind and I put him on his belly and fucked him a bit more. Thing was I had already cum, so it wasn’t the most intense of fucks and I didn’t cum – it was more of a play fuck.

Fucking a bottom on his belly

You can tell in that pic (and one I posted on Twitter) that, while I’ve got a ways to go to be “in shape”, I’m in way better shape than I was a year+ ago. I’ve been a little frustrated since I haven’t lost weight since Thanksgiving, but I do want to get back to the gym in a few weeks with the goal of being a lot closer to “in shape” by MAL in January.

Anyway, getting back to the hookup… We then cuddled a little bit, then finally turned off the camera, took off our hoods and laid there a little more talking, etc. At one point I got hard again and fucked him a bit more (off camera). While I had my dick in him that last time I asked “So I see in your profile you’re neg, but you’re taking raw dick…” He said I was the first guy to cum in his ass in a long time (years) and prior to that he had only gotten bred by boyfriends. There was only one regular fuck buddy he’s been seeing for years that fucks him raw and the guy pulls out when he cums. I was a little shocked – usually I think of barebacking as a one-way street – once you do a bit of it you want more, and then a little more, and a little more, etc. But here was someone who didn’t do that. He said he trusted me because he’s been reading my blog for years and I seem honest – and I’m on PrEP so he was pretty sure I really was neg.

Still, he’s a sub bottom who pokes his rock hard cock at your hole. And he’s a bareback bottom who’s managed to say ‘no’ to more barebacking (at least taking loads). And he’s in a really femmy profession but not femmy himself. He’s definitely got some unexpected elements to him.

Since he’s up for video hopefully we’ll hookup pretty regularly. When I get a chance I’ll edit the video and put the full version on and a shorter clip on

Oh yeah – there’s one hookup (with another neg bottom) that I haven’t written up yet. I think there’s going to be a part 2 to that hookup, so I’ll write it up then.