Quickie Pump-N-Dump @ Cheap Hotel

2 July 2013 | No Comments

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I’ve fucked 18 guys in the last 4 days. I need to catch up on my blogging. So starting with the latest…

Today I needed to go down to get blood drawn in the morning. I posted a quick connect saying if anyone in Chelsea can host contact me with your location. A guy in a hotel on Lafayette hit me up. I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt and say he was a tourist who didn’t know that NoHo isn’t anywhere near Chelsea.

I had to wait for another train at Columbus Circle so I checked my messages and a guy hit me up and said he was at the Chelsea Savoy. I vaguely remembered that it was on 23rd street but couldn’t remember where, so I sent a quick message back asking if he could do now and the exact address. Then I had to make a quick decision – a B train and an A train arrived at the same time. I would normally take the A, but jumped on the B train thinking it was a local and would stop at 23. WRONG. All of a sudden I was at West 4. So much for my subway knowledge. So I jumped on an E train.

At 14 I got cell service again so I checked my messages. I was going to just go to Callen-Lorde and fuck after I had blood drawn, but when I saw he had given a room number I jumped back on the train and went one more stop to 23rd. When I got out I sent a message saying I’d be there in 5 minutes.

I got to the hotel and went up to the room and knocked. He had said he’d have the door ajar waiting ass up, but I don’t think he’d gotten my last message that said when I’d get there. He was busy in the bathroom, so he told me to get comfortable – that he’d be out in a minute. It was sort of funny being told to wait since his profile name is LoadingPleaseWait.

It was a pretty miserable, weird little hotel room. Later I found out it was their $99 special. Honestly it would have made a better closet than a hotel room, but this is New York. I turned off the lights, stripped off my shorts and shirt, took out my Prince Albert (what I had would have ripped him badly if I fucked with it in), and then started jacking my dick.

He came out right about when I got hard enough to fuck. He just go on all fours and lubed his hole. He knew what I was there for. I spit and lubed the head of my dick with it and shoved in. I fucked him doggy position for a bit and then pushed him on his belly with his legs together which felt pretty good – I liked his hole. For someone who was presumably a cumdump his hole wasn’t too loose and sloppy. Not that loose and sloppy is a bad thing – but a reasonably tight hole is hot – especially when it can put pressure on  a good part of your dick all at once.

I had cum less than 24 hours before so I wasn’t 100% sure if I could cum, but it wasn’t too long before I could feel my orgasm coming. But then the time came and nothing really came out. I kept fucking hoping it would come and finally a bit did come out – at least I’m 95% sure he got a load. From my perspective it was a little disappointing that way. But that’s not his fault – if he weren’t as good of a bottom I probably wouldn’t have been able to cum at all.

When I was done he complimented me on how I fucked and I returned the favor telling him he had a nice hole. Then I wiped off my dick on a towel, put on my shorts and shirt, took off my cockring and walked out the door.

Slam, bam, thank you ma’am 😉  Just how I like it…