Two Sweaty Black Asses

16 July 2013 | 6 Comments

Loads 2013-28 & 29

I went for a while there without fucking. Part of the reason was because I just wasn’t in the mood. But the other part was that I had to clean up stuff I caught at CumUnion πŸ™ I guess if I’m fucking for hours on end I should piss more frequently or something and take higher doses of the monolaurin I’ve been taking to reduce STDs. (Besides not upping my dose, I missed the dose after the party).

We’ve got house guests this weekend, so I’m assuming I’m not getting much ass while they’re here, so I figured I needed to get a few fucks in before they arrived. So yesterday and today I went looking for ass.

Yesterday’s ass was one of my regular black fuck buddies – the one who likes to jack off while I play with his nipples. When he arrived yesterday he was dripping with sweat. I figured he’d be pretty musty, but not so much – even his ass smelled pretty normal. He dried off pretty quickly and it was sorta hot having a sweaty muscular black guy under me as I fucked him.

It was a pretty decent/normal fuck. His insistence that I play with his nipples at the end isn’t something I look forward to, but he’s a good fuck and his hole almost always gets me to cum. Oddly this time he resisted when I tried to push him down on his belly. He said his hole was sore from cleaning out earlier in the day. He was unusually sensitive when I pushed into him. Even though I didn’t get him flat on his belly I didn’t have any problems cumming, so it was all good.

He made some comment about how big my loads usually are… I’ve actually started taking a zinc supplement to increase the volume of my loads. When I don’t fuck I’ve gotten in the habit of jacking off into a condom – I then freeze the loads and use them as lube, etc. (See, condoms are good for something.) Anyway, I’ve been disappointed at the volume of my load – it’s OK, but I want to give truly big loads. I’m not sure I’m taking enough zinc, but I don’t want to overdo it either.

Today’s sweaty black guy was much more “street” – complete with a do-rag and mirrored sunglasses. I learned later that he used to come to my block back in the day ’cause his cousin lived here. Guess he didn’t want to be recognized – especially since he was here to get fucked by a white boy. Or maybe that’s just his look – not sure.

He wasn’t quite dripping with sweat, but he was definitely a bit sweaty when he got here. Had a nice lean, tight, muscled body on him and a great ass. Unfortunately when I went to rim him he didn’t seem quite clean, so I stopped that almost as soon as I started. But he had given me a decent blowjob right before – so I was rock hard – it wasn’t like I needed to rim his hole to get hard. And the blowjob was cool – I don’t usually get all that turned on by blowjobs but having a big-dicked black thug choking on my cock was sorta cool. πŸ˜‰

When I pushed into his hole it felt wet. I sorta wondered if he had loads in him already. He did say he had been a buddy’s place before coming here. I’m sorta guessing his buddy had fucked him – he took my dick really easily – so either he’s normally pretty loose or he had been loosened up by the fuck earlier.

Fucking a thug is sorta hot. They’re so tough on the street but they just love getting fucked when you get them in the bedroom. He just grunted and groaned as I fucked him. I could tell he felt every stroke, but he was loving it too. As usual it wasn’t long before I blew in his ass after which we rolled over and we talked a bit until my dick got soft and slipped out of him.

Despite smelling dirty, his ass was apparently perfectly clean. Which is a good thing ’cause my boyfriend would have killed me if I had gotten the sheets dirty – lol.

So two two days of fucking black cumholes. Looks like tomorrow I’ll fuck/videotape the neg sub I fucked a few weeks ago. I think he liked taking my loads – hopefully I can turn him into a good cumdump.