Wasn’t Sure I Came Until I Rimmed Him…

21 July 2013 | 5 Comments

Load 2013-31

There’s another load I need to write up – but I videotaped that one, so doing the post is a bit more involved. But last week I fucked guys 4 days in a row. And on the 3rd and 4th days I couldn’t tell that I came. This is about the 4th day…

So there’s this guy in the neighborhood I’ve seen online for a while now but things always seem to fall through with him. So a few days ago I wasn’t expecting to be able to hookup, but found myself with a little time, but I couldn’t host. He was online and had a QuickConnect ad saying he was looking to host at his place – since he was pretty close it was pretty much a perfect match.

His profile sayd “Drug Use: You Can” which made me think he didn’t “parTy”, but when we were arranging details he said there was a buddy over with him – but only he was looking to get fucked. Given that it was like 11 am, that’s usually the sign of someone who is PNPing, but I just needed a hole to dump in so I went over.

On the way over it was in the high 90s with lots of humidity and I suddenly realized I hadn’t asked if he had A/C, luckily he did have it and had it down nice and cold. The setting was a nearly dark room with a couch, a TV (with porn on) and a bunch of stuff all around. Problem was – no bed. Given that I like to fuck bottoms on their bellies – that worried me a little. He mentioned that they’d had a bit of a blow-out the night before – so I guess he did PNP.

I stripped down, took out my PA, and he got busy sucking my dick. The cock sucking went on and on and on – far longer than is usual for me. He was sitting in a chair and when I’d reach over and play with his ass he never really got the signal that I wanted to fuck. Plus, with the guy on the couch I wasn’t sure where we were going to fuck. But he finally got the message, got up and bent over the couch. You could tell by his positioning he’d done it many times before – he knew exactly where and how to position himself to give the top good access to his hole.

I spit on my dick and shoved in. He had a nice hole – felt good on my cock. Like the blowjob the fucking went on for a really long time. Standing up fucking isn’t nearly as strenuous as when the bottom is on his belly and you have to lift your whole body up and down. So I just kept fucking, and fucking, and fucking. At points I felt like the Energizer Bunny and wondered if it wasn’t a little boring for the bottom to get pounded with such regular consistency. The other thing that helped me go on and on for a long time was that the A/C was blowing directly on me. I did start to overheat just a little, but the A/C really helped in that respect. There were moments when I felt like I was about to blow my load, but I never actually felt myself cum – when the feeling was there it felt like it was the beginning of an orgasm that never came.

Finally I got a little bored and tired of fucking so I pulled out and knelt down and rimmed him. And surprise, surprise – what did I taste but cum. That might have been someone else’s cum – he did say he’d been going for hours – so I wasn’t sure whose cum it was I was tasting. But I LOVE felching and when rimming unexpectedly turns into felching it’s a total turn on. So needless to say I went back to fucking him.

While I was fucking him I leaned forward and asked whether he had taken other loads. He said ‘no’ – so that meant the cum was mine. While I would have like to have felt myself cumming in him, I was just glad I did indeed give him a load. We fucked some more and I finally got him down on his belly on the couch. But his buddy was still on the couch – so it was rather odd, and the position wasn’t ideal.

When I stood him up again the other guy snapped a pic…

fucking a skinny bottom

I wish he’d taken a few pics – that one makes me look fat. I mean I know I’ve got more weight to loose, but maybe my posture just wasn’t right at that moment or something.

A little while later I pulled out and rimmed him again and once again tasted quite a bit of cum. I sucked on his ass and couldn’t get much of any out, but still there was the taste of cum when I first started rimming him each time.

And then we did another round of fucking and I got him down on his belly again this time in a better position, but I still couldn’t feel myself cumming even though once or twice I felt like I was about to cum. Eventually I got tired of fucking and called it quits – but that was after quite a bit of fucking. I’m sorta surprised I could go on for that long and I have to give the bottom credit for being able to endure such a long fuck.

As I was dressing the buddy started getting a bit frisky with me. Not quite sure what his story was. All he had to do was bend over and I would have fucked him – maybe another time.