A Change Of Pace For Me…

5 October 2013 | 4 Comments

Loads 2013-40 & 41

Earlier this year I started experimenting a bit. Even though I’m a top I’ve found the idea of getting cum in my ass is a huge turn on for me. Problem is there’s a lot about bottoming I just don’t like and you sorta have to bottom to get cum in your ass. For starters I don’t like having to clean out. On top of that I find the actual act of getting fucked painful and unpleasant more often than not. And being dominated isn’t really compatible with who I am 90% of the time, but I’m never going to be a pushy bottom – in my mind getting fucked is an act of submission. And I absolutely hate getting spit-roasted (I feel completely out of control). I’m not going into details about how I’ve come to those conclusions, but let’s just say I’ve experimented enough to figure out that I’m still very much a dom top…

But in my experimentation I found I sorta love having cum in my ass. I’ve even frozen my own cum and then shoved up my ass before going out. There’s just something incredibly hot having cum in your ass – especially when you got it from some anonymous stranger. So the question is how does someone who doesn’t want to get fucked manage to get cum in their ass? After thinking about it – it’s actually sorta simple – have the other guy jack off and then put the head of their cock into your hole just as they cum. I mean plenty of guys jack off after I fuck them – why waste the load? The load doesn’t get dumped nice and deep, but I still walk away with a cummy ass!

A week and a half ago I hooked up with the black guy in the neighborhood who I fuck on a regular basis. I was having a low-libido day – my dick just wasn’t performing the way it should. I noticed my fuckbud was pretty hard, so I told him to jack off and cum in my hole. As soon as his load was in me my dick jumped to life and I put him on his stomach, fucked him and dumped a load in him.

Then a few days ago I was super horny. I hadn’t cum in 3 days. I was supposed to shoot a scene for Bear Film’s Hairy & Raw, but it got canceled a few hours before it was supposed to happen. I had taken an herbal pill the day before and a Cialis that morning, so I was rock hard and ready to blow. The black athlete who I fucked a few weeks before was online and came over. I think he’s incredibly hot but there’s something about him… I have a really hard time cumming with him. The first time we fucked I gave him a load, but the second time I just couldn’t manage it. This time the best way I can describe it was that I felt the orgasm (throughout my body), but I didn’t feel the ejaculation. He clearly wanted to cum, so finally I told him to jack off and put the head of his dick in me as he’s cumming. I don’t think he quite understood ’cause he put it in a little, then pulled out started and cumming on my taint. At that point I had to tell him to put it in a little and finish cumming in my hole. I then pushed the cum on my taint down so it went into my ass.

That got me hard enough to fuck again, but I wasn’t rock hard and no orgasm came. So that tells me I did indeed seed him earlier – I just must not have felt it for some reason. I had my big PA in earlier that day – I’m thinking that’s the issue. I think I’ll go down to rings that are no bigger than 2ga. Bigger seems to mess up my orgasms. And I texted him asking if a load came out. He said, ‘no’, but some soap had come out. Ummm… That wasn’t soap! (That was only the 2nd load he ever took, so I’ll excuse him for not knowing it was cum).

I need to find a clear way to tell guys I want cum in my ass, but don’t want to get fucked. Like the athlete, guys just don’t understand the concept. And if I’m briefly getting a little bit of dick in my ass I guess this means I’m a “vers top” now.

If you’re in NYC and like breeding tops, get in touch. Just realize there’s not much of a chance I’ll actually let you fuck me. Still, a quickie jack off into my ass would be perfect when you’re out at a place like The Eagle.