Sex With Friends Just Doesn’t Work For Me

9 December 2013 | 1 Comment

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Not sure why I didn’t figure this out sooner, but I’ve come to the conclusion that sex with friends just doesn’t work for me. I like things anonymous. When I get to know someone my dick just doesn’t respond. I mean my boyfriend and I don’t have sex anymore – we’re joined at the hip in many ways, but it’s not really a sexual relationship. I tried fucking a good friend a few years ago and that didn’t go so well – just couldn’t cum with him. I have a really bad track record with Jayson Park even though I think he’s incredibly hot – but we’re friends and hang out socially sometimes. There was the anonymous Latin bottom I used to fuck, but I got pretty unpredictable with him as I got to know him. There was the hot black athlete a few months ago who hung out with me and my bf a few times after we’ve hooked up – only came the first time with him despite the fact that he’s really hot. The list goes on and on…

But most recently is the black fuck bud from the neighborhood. I used to cum every time with him. Now I’m hit or miss. Fucked him again on Saturday morning. While we were stripping down he started asking me about how my Thanksgiving was and I just shut down the conversation with a “it was fine”. I knew if we started into personal chit chat that it wouldn’t go well. We fucked and I did give him a load, but I almost didn’t. Things weren’t working quite right in part because he kept bucking back but I finally got into this one position where the head of my dick was getting massaged just right and I finally did cum – but it almost didn’t happen.

Compare that to the muscular little Latino who I fuck. Been fucking him for years now and still don’t know his name. We never have substantive conversations. And I cum every time with him. And I love sex parties and bathhouses. I don’t always cum but they’re tons of fun and my dick has plenty of energy. And dark room pump-n-dumps are some of my favorite fucks. The more anonymous, the harder my dick and the bigger my load.

So the moral of the story is, if you want to be my fuck buddy, just stick to sex – be a hole for me and nothing more. Or, if you really want to get to know me, that’s fine – just realize the sexual part will probably die.