2013 Year In Review, 2014 Goals

1 January 2014 | 5 Comments

2013 was a decent year for me sexually, but once again I didn’t get to the 100 loads given goal that I always want to achieve – I only gave 55 loads. But let me back up a little and paint a bigger picture…

I had topped guys on 75 occasions last year. An “occasion” can be anything from a proper 1-on-1 hookup, to going to a sex party, to fucking a guy in the bathroom at a bar. That’s actually the 2nd best ever year for me (since I started keeping track in 2006). 2008 was the only year I did better – I topped guys on 89 occasions that year.

In those 75 occasions I fucked 79 guys I’d never fucked before (a new record – in 2008 the number was only 67). As I mentioned I gave 55 loads. Part of the gap between 75 and 55 is fucks in places like The Eagle where I’m drunk and the position isn’t really right for me to cum. But beyond that there were more times this year that I couldn’t cum than I’d like. Of the 55 loads, 30 were in asses that I hadn’t cum in before.

For 2014 I still want to hit my 100 load given goal, though I’m not sure how likely it will be to happen. I’ve got a lot of programming to do for BBBH.com – the new bareback hookup site I’m building. When I’m programming I tend to get lost in code, gain weight, and don’t have enough sex. So we’ll see.

Another goal for 2014 is to go to more sex parties, bathhouses, etc. In other words, I want to do more group sex in 2014. I’d like to go to a sex party every week, but I think two a month is a more realistic goal. The number of guys I get my dick in really goes up at sex parties, I mean it’s not hard to fuck 10+ guys at a party. If I went to 25 parties, that’s 250 guys 😉

So how did 2013 go for you, and what are your sexual goals for 2014?