FINALLY Gave Someone A Load

21 February 2014 | 5 Comments

Load 2014-5

5 loads given this far into the year is sorta pathetic – I know. It’s been just over 3 weeks since I fucked anyone and just over a month since I gave a load. That’s really bad. But it is what it is. I’ve been in a really asexual mood the last few weeks. Only got out of it the last couple days. I’ve just been focused on programming for Not that I have anything to show for it, but I am making progress.

Anyway, the last guy I fucked was this black twink. Reasonably hot body, but as I was fucking him he asked me to pull out and cum on his face. I just stayed quiet. I knew it wouldn’t be very long until I’d cum, but then he kept pressing it – he explicitly said not to cum in his ass and then he managed to pull off my dick and he said he wanted to suck me off. I just looked at him with disgust and told him I don’t give oral loads and then I got off the bed. He took the hint and got up and got dressed. I mean my profile is REALLY clear about the fact that I want to cum in a guy’s ass.

The next hookup I had was even worse. It was in the middle of one of the big snow storms I was horny and didn’t really want to go out, but this hot twink told me to come over to his hotel. When he asked me to text him a cock pic as I was leaving the house I had a bad feeling about the hookup. That’s the wrong thing to say to someone who’s on their way to you. When I got to his hotel I knocked on his door and he said “Who’s there?” (like, who else was it going to be?) I said “It’s me.” There was no answer. I knocked again. Nothing. Then I got on A4A and tried to send him a message only to have the site tell me that he’s blocked me. Seriously? You had me come out in brutal weather for that?

So with two really bad experiences with twinks who were too inhibited to be good fucks, when  piggy bottom hit me up today, it seemed like a good match. He was older than me – which isn’t usually something I go for, but he had a decent body, etc. When I texted him a prior conversation came up – I had fucked him once before a little over a year ago. I had tagged him with another top. That hookup hadn’t gone so well, but this one went just fine.

Like before he asked if he could be hooded. That wasn’t what I was really looking for. It’s complicated for me to have a really anonymous scene since my bedroom isn’t all that close to the front door. All I really wanted was a pump-n-dump anyway and I told him as much.

I noticed he was getting to the end of his QuickConnect listing on BBRT. I asked him if he had any other loads in him and he said one, but he needed to douche it out before coming over because he wasn’t completely clean. He said he would be here in 20, but it took him 30 – which was close enough.

Winter makes things a bit complicated. When he came in he had to take off his boots. We didn’t say much – I wanted to keep it somewhat anonymous. I had him go before me to the bedroom so he wouldn’t be looking at me too much. He then needed to take a piss. When he came out of the bathroom he started stripping down and I came up behind him and put a bandanna over his eyes.

While he was in the bathroom I had taken off my jeans and boxers. Like me, he still had his shirt and a jockstrap on at this point and I didn’t see any reason to take them off. So I maneuvered him over to the bed and had him bend over. I got behind him and started rimming him. His ass was completely smooth and his hole was pretty nice.

Rimming got me hard pretty quickly, then I got up and had him get on all fours on the edge of the bed. I lubed up an pushed into him. It seemed to hurt him a bit which was surprising since he had gotten fucked earlier and AFAIK he gets fucked pretty regularly. He did seem pretty tight, which was nice. His pain wasn’t all that bad so I just kept on with my fucking.

I then had him get on his belly. I know that’s pretty routine for me, but all I wanted today was a simple fuck. After a while the pain seemed to go away and his grunts and groans stopped and he just laid there quietly. His hole felt pretty good. It was like a semi-tight sleeve on my cock. It felt like my cock was going straight down into the bed or something.

All I wanted to do was blow my load and get back to work, so I came fairly quickly. I then pulled out and walked around to the other side of the bed and had him suck me clean. I don’t think he understood that all I wanted was a pump and dump. He just kept laying there. So I went over and stuck my dick back in his ass and then rolled him on his side and pumped in and out until I went soft. Then I sorta spooned him for a few minutes. I was feeling his body through two layers of shirts, but he had a pretty nice compact body.

Eventually I untied the blindfold and he figured out it was time to go.

All in all a decent hookup this time. Just goes to prove older bottoms can be better fucks than cute young things.