Pump-N-Dump With Zero Chemistry

7 May 2014 | No Comments

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Yesterday I just wanted to get my rocks off, so I went online looking. There was one guy nearby who was looking. I chatted a bit with him, but I’d fucked him previously and the hookup was “just OK”. When another guy hit me up who I hadn’t fucked before, I decided to fuck him instead. His pics were OK, but not great. Still, he was Latino, shorter, and in decent shape – that usually works fine for me, so I headed over to his place. He had mentioned that he liked leather, so I put on my Wescos and my t-shirt from MAL.

On the way over I was wondering if I hadn’t fucked him before – his address was roughly the address of a guy I fucked a while back, but that guy had really long hair and my recollection was that he was white, not Latino. The walk over was longer than I remembered. By the time I got there I was thinking “he’s coming to my place next time – this walk is just way too long”. The building I thought he was in (the one the other guy was in), wasn’t his building – so not the same guy.

When he answers the door he’s “in leather” – sorta – but not the kind of leather I’d wear. He had a leather belt with bullets on it, plus a Borat-style “mankini”, and I harnass (if I remember correctly). The mankini made me think “what the hell have I gotten myself into?” To which I told myself “Whatever. He’s a hole and I need to cum.”

I started taking off my clothes, when I got naked I was a little surprised – he made no move to suck my dick. He just got on all fours on his futon couch and presented his ass. Actually the couch was a bit of an issue. I like to fuck laying down, so I didn’t know if this was going to go all that well.

While I was sorta in the mood for a blowjob to get me hard, I rimmed his hole instead. He had some sort of grease down there, but not so much that it was gross. It actually took a while for me to get over my initial reaction and get into it enough to get hard, but I did eventually get hard enough to fuck.

When I first pushed it he pulled off really fast (hate that). But after a few tries I got in and he stopped trying to get off my dick. We fucked briefly with him on all fours, but his hole felt pretty unremarkable in that position and I started going soft, so I told him I wanted him on his belly. That was a bit tricky – there wasn’t much room on the futon for that. At first he did it with one leg on and one leg off the futon, but when I got in him the position just felt all wrong. So I got him to put both legs on the futon and that position felt much better. My dick started getting really hard, and while he couldn’t take my dick initially by this time he had opened up and was able to take a pretty hard pounding.

About the time I could feel my orgasm building he started babbling in Spanish. It was sort of cute, but when he could tell I was cumming he switched to English and my opinion changed – I started thinking “would you please just shut up?” I mean there’s hot sex talk and then there’s over-the-top sex talk. In this case what he said sorta matched the whole mankini thing.

Needless to say, as soon as I came I just wanted out of there. While I was getting dressed he was saying things like “any time… you know where I am…” and making references to organizing a gangbang. I just smiled and tried to look agreeable.

I’m not saying I’ll never fuck the guy again, but it would probably take him telling me he’s got 10+ loads in his ass before I’d really want to make the trek over to fuck him.

Oh well, sometimes things just don’t work out as planned. I’m sure the guy is someone’s type – he just wasn’t mine. And if you don’t try, you’ll never succeed, but sometimes you fail when you try.

The worst part was that my phone buzzed with a text message while I was fucking the guy. As I walked home I looked at it and it was probably my all-time favorite fuck buddy wanting to hookup. I could have had a V8…